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Hashmi amla oil

Hashmi amla oil

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandМастерская Олеси Мустаевой
  • Country of manufactureKazakhstan
Aml's oil does a hair to thicker, accelerates growth, reduces loss, prevents emergence of a premature gray hair.
Period of storage: 1 year.
Volume: 200 ml.

  • Aml hair oil - unique natural means for strengthening and food of hair
  • Increases splendor of hair, eliminates section, normalizes release of skin fat and reduces irritation of skin
  • Amla, so is called the Indian gooseberry, differs in the maintenance of a huge amount of vitamin C, copper, phosphorus, iron, and also flavonoids, tannins and albumine
  • Useful components are quickly and effectively acquired by hair follicles, head skin recovers, the sleeping lukovichka of hair wake up

Amla oil for hair of "Hashmi" represents 100% the natural product which is not containing chemical dyes and mineral oil.

  • Amla deeply gets into structure of hair, reconstructing it from within, does it more dense and equal. It not only strengthens already available hair, but also makes active the sleeping follicles. Thereby the amla at the same time prevents a hair loss and promotes growth of new.
  • Sesame oil differs in fast and deep penetration. It is rich with vitamin E, vitamins of group B, minerals, a protein and lecithin. Oil fully humidifies and sates hair. Oil is stable and provides to a product long period of storage.
  • Henna increases the strengthening properties of an amla. It pulls together an external scaly layer, creating a peculiar framework on a surface of hair. It allows hair to be brilliant and elastic.
  • Petals of roses provide moistening and the calming properties. Regenerate and level head skin, protecting from drying or excessive fat content at roots. Petals of roses normalize exchange processes in skin, supporting normal activity hair a follicle.

Amla oil, colourless henna, petals of roses, sesame oil. (all ingradiyenta are natural, mineral oil is not used)

It is necessary to rub carefully a small amount of oil in head skin and to distribute the remains on all surface of hair, then to wrap up the head a towel and to leave for long time, it is the best of all for the night. Then wash away it warm water with shampoo which suits you. This procedure is very useful for lukovichek and roots at its regular application. Also add 2-3 drops of oil to shampoo for achievement of the best result.

Amla's oil strengthens hair. Amla is remarkable means for the prevention of a hair loss, strengthening of a hair bulb, stimulation of growth of a hair. Is fine means of fixing of coloring and giving of the shining beauty to hair. It is since ancient times used by the Indian women, for giving of strong gloss and silkiness to hair. Natural natural conditioner.

The main difference from the analogs presented today in Russia is absence as a part of mineral oil, instead of it high quality sesame oil is used.

The important note — hair does not paint, in structure COLOURLESS HENNA

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Hashmi amla oil
Hashmi amla oil
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