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Heat-insulating TEPLOWER plaster on the German technology. SYSTEM of WARMING - In ONE BAG! buy in Almaty
Buy Heat-insulating TEPLOWER plaster on the German technology. SYSTEM of WARMING - In ONE BAG!
Heat-insulating TEPLOWER plaster on the German technology. SYSTEM of WARMING - In ONE BAG!

Heat-insulating TEPLOWER plaster on the German technology. SYSTEM of WARMING - In ONE BAG!

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  • Country of manufactureKazakhstan
  • Special featureThermal insulation


Modern heat-insulating, or warm, plasters combine properties of thermal insulation and finishing. The warming layer is applied on a wall as usual plaster. In Europe heat-insulating plasters, or warm plasters, use 40 years (their emergence was connected with an energy crisis of the 70th years of the 20th century), in Russia they are known years 10, in Ukraine — about 5 years. Continuous growth of requirements to energy saving also stimulates interest in warm plasters as they can be used as a supportive application to douteplit building walls.

Warm TEPLOWER plaster is intended for finishing finishing.

Properties of warm plaster

Warm plaster is developed taking into account the most modern requirements to quality of construction. At similar materials there are a lot of advantages which do warming process fast, convenient, economic:

· warm plaster differs in high heat-insulating properties. 1 cm of such plaster are identical to 2-4 cm of expanded polystyrene or a laying in 1,5-2 bricks;

· warm plaster of 3-4 times easier traditional: specific weight after hardening — 240-360 kg/m3;

· and solidity and homogeneity exclude cold bridges, stratification and fall of an external layer. In case of mechanical damage it is easy to restore a plaster layer;

· high adhesion to all known wall materials allows to apply warm plaster directly on a wall (the primer and use of a grid as an exception can be required at a thickness of layer more than 5 cm). After hardening warm plaster monolitno connect to a brick, concrete, a natural stone, gypsum cardboard, to a ceramic tile, glass and metal;

· plaster works are expedited and do not demand special qualification. And simplicity of drawing minimizes mistakes in work. All warm plasters deliver on a building site in the form of ready dry mixes and before drawing part with water. Weight turns out plastic, it is convenient and easy to put it manually or mechanically. When plastering manually no equipment, except the mixer for mix stirring, is required, and for drawing mechanically use the standard equipment;

· warm TEPLOWER plaster can serve as a finishing layer of a wall of the building: it is strong, durable, does not absorb water, but a paropronitsayem, and it can be applied on walls from any material. It is possible to paint TSh with any vapor-permeable paints (warm TEPLOWER plaster of white color, and painting is recommended to it);

· warm TEPLOWER plaster is eco-friendly. It is safe to use it and indoors, and during the work with it means individual are not required are sewn up.

· Warm TEPLOWER plaster with mineral structure is fireproof, not a goryucha. Warm TEPLOWER plaster with organic fillers belongs t to the materials which are not sustaining combustion.

Scope of warm plaster

· thermal insulation and finishing of facades;

· additional warming and sound insulation of external and internal walls of the existing buildings;

· warming of slopes of window and door blocks in places of their adjunction to walls;

· warming of walls at a kolodtsevy laying;

· internal finishing works as a heater and a shumoizolyator;

· warming of struts of hot and cold water supply and sewerage;

· warming of floors and ceiling overlappings;

Putting warm plaster

· Warming of the house warm plaster takes 3-4 times less time, than installation of traditional heaters. Mechanically the crew from 4 people is capable to process for change to 400 sq.m of a surface, the experienced worker with a trowel will plaster 30-50 sq.m.

· Before putting plaster dry mix from a bag (using all bag at once) is dissolved with water, precisely maintaining its dosage and time of stirring that all substances reacted. Mix has to be plastic, without lumps. Solution is suitable for work several hours.

· The surface has to be cleared of dust and dirt and to have temperature not below 5 °C. The way of drawing differs from traditional a little: plaster is not thrown over a wall, and "rubbed", using the short rule.

· Warm plasters recommend to apply on a wall with a layer no more than 2,5 cm. Big thickness is gained for several approaches to a wall. It is possible to paint a surface in 2-3 days. But the layer gets the maximum durability in 28 days, and the full heat-insulating ability — for few months, after final drying.

Thus, we can speak the following advantages of heat-insulating Teplower plaster:

· Speed of drawing (one plasterer in a day - 120-180m2)

· It can be put without reinforcing grid (except places with cracks and corners)

· Before drawing it is not necessary to level a wall

· Possesses good adhesion (prilipchivost) to all wall materials.

· At the device of such warming there are no metal communications, - there are no cold bridges.

· Rodents cannot lodge in the wall warmed by TSh.

· Is a finishing covering, it is enough to cover with an acrylic emulsion

Putting warm plaster – the instruction

  1. INSTALLATION of BEACONS. On a surface of a wall establish aluminum beacons. Their step has to be 20 cm less than rule length
  2. MIX PREPARATION. Mix is filled in capacity, add to it water and mix contents the construction mixer
  3. PUTTING SOLUTION ON the WALL. By means of the metal pallet and a gladilka with the movements from below up mix is applied between beacons
  4. ALIGNMENT of the LAYER. Plasters are excessive clean, leveling a surface by means of the rule
  5. SEAL of CRACKS FROM BEACONS. In several hours take out beacons and close up cracks plaster mix
  6. DRAWING the FINISHING LAYER. The wall is processed (fray) a plastic grater, using liquid solution of plaster mix

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Heat-insulating TEPLOWER plaster on the German technology. SYSTEM of WARMING - In ONE BAG!
Heat-insulating TEPLOWER plaster on the German technology. SYSTEM of WARMING - In ONE BAG!
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