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Heatecoblock VSB Plastic forms Fragmentary stone buy in Almaty
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Heatecoblock VSB Plastic forms Fragmentary stone

Heatecoblock VSB Plastic forms Fragmentary stone

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandХантемир
  • ManufacturerХантемир
  • Country of manufactureKazakhstan
  • ColorУточняйте
  • Frost toleranceУточняйте
Heatecoblock VSB Plastic forms Fragmentary stone TEB - the heat-insulating and constructional block density (D) 500-550 kg/m ³ with a front surface from fine-grained decorative concrete of a class not below B30.
The bearing part of the block - high-strength penobenton D 500 class B2 (kg/cm M30 ²)
1. On Construction Norms and Regulations 23-02-2003 "Thermal protection of buildings" wall designs from TEB:
• exclude condensation of water vapor;
• provide the increased comfort of accommodation;
• have a high class (A) of energy efficiency.
At the density of D of 500 and the size of the block (198×398×300 - высота×длина×ширина) the simple single-row (chain) laying allows to build the wall bearing designs of three-storyed buildings under any types of overlappings to glue, and according to thermal and sanitary and hygienic characteristics of TEB can be used even for areas with the number of graduso-days of the heating period of GSOP 10000 (Northern Kazakhstan).
At selling price for TEBY 23000-26000 tg/m ³ the cost of the device of wall designs from TEB is lower than any existing serial wall design from other construction materials.
3. Technical characteristics:
3.1. To the very first built buildings from foam concrete (Riga) - 75 years, at the same time external walls are not even plastered.
3.2. Dynamics of curing of foam concrete is strongly stretched in time:
Increase in durability:
• by 1,3-1,6 times in 4 months;
• twice in a year;
• by 2,5 times in two years;
• by 5 times in 50-60 years.
3.3klass environmental friendliness according to the WHO classification of UNESCO - 2 (a tree - 1; a brick - 10; keramzitobeton - 20).
3.4. According to comparative strength characteristics with other cellular concrete, including, autoclave, taking into account decreasing coefficient of constructive durability of K=1,27 the TEB D 500 block corresponds to gas-silicate D 600 and classical foam concrete D 700.
3.5. Durability on compression, kg/cm ²:
• D 400 - 18
• D 450 - 25
• D 500 - 30
• D 550 - 35
• D 600 - 40
• D 700 - 50
Sorption equilibrium humidity - 4%
Heat conductivity coefficient: (D500) of 0,125 W/m ² ˚ With
Resistance to a heat transfer: 3,28 m ² ˚ With/W (thickness of 400 mm)
2,46 m ² ˚ With/W (thickness of 300 mm) (you watch the detailed description of calculation of heatresistance in articles enclosed letter.
In them the explanation why this material of 2,46 m ² ˚ With/W (thickness of 300 mm) is suitable for all regions including for Northern Kazakhstan is offered).

Specific heat: 0,84 kJ / kgs
Heatassimilation coefficient (24 hours): 2,8 W/m ² ˚ With
Vapor permeability coefficient: 0,18 mg / Pas
On set of TEB properties today, perhaps, the best in lots produced
wall material in Kazakhstan.
4. Features of the production technology.
4.1. Water decrease of the initial cement test at the expense of supersofteners (not formaldehyde).
4.2. Use of bezdobavochny portladntsement, high-quality fillers.
4.3. Deep hydration of the cement test due to high-speed turbulent and cavitational vibromixing.
4.4. A preliminary porization of the cement test before introduction of construction foam.
4.5. Work only on protein penokontsentrata.
4.6. High frequency rate and firmness of technical foam.
4.7. Careful transportation of a penomassa and pouring by gerotorny pumps.
4.8. Use of heat of hydration of cement for steaming of products. Special steaming chambers are not required.
4.9. Turnover of forms - 24 hours.
Sending for object in 3 days.
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Heatecoblock VSB Plastic forms Fragmentary stone
Heatecoblock VSB Plastic forms Fragmentary stone
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