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Heater for PENOPLEKS KROVLYa® roof

Heater for PENOPLEKS KROVLYa® roof

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Heater for PENOPLEKS KROVLYa® roof


For warming of a roof it is better to choose material which will allow to create a rigid, easy, moisture resistant and continuous heat-insulation layer. PENOPLEKS KROVLYa® plates (correspond to the PENOPLEKS 35 old type) meet all these requirements. They do not absorb moisture at all, possess excellent heat-insulating properties and high durability, and, so are capable to sustain any loadings during operation and installation, have the G-shaped edge on all parties which allows to join them ideally exactly and to provide a continuous heat-insulation layer without formation of "cold bridges".


Name Test method Dimension Indicator of plates
Density GOST 17177-94 kg/m ³ 28,0-33,0
Durability on compression at 10% of linear deformation, not less GOST 17177-94 MPa (kgf/cm2; t/sq.m) 0,25 (2,5; 25)
Strength at a static bend, not less GOST 17177-94 MPa 0,4
Elasticity module SOYUZDORNIYA MPa 15
Water absorption in 24 hours, no more GOST 17177-94 % on volume 0,4
Water absorption in 28 days % on volume 0,5
Category of resistance to fire F3-123 group G1
Heat conductivity coefficient at (25±5) °C GOST 7076-94 W / (м× ° To) 0,030
Settlement coefficient of heat conductivity under service conditions "And" JOINT VENTURE 23-101-2004 W / (м× ° To) 0,031
Settlement coefficient of heat conductivity under service conditions of "B" JOINT VENTURE 23-101-2004 W / (м× ° To) 0,032
Sound insulation of a partition (ГКЛ-ПЕНОПЛЭКС® 50 mm-HL), Rw GOST 27296-87 dB 41
Index of improvement of isolation of structural noise in a floor design GOST 16297-80 dB 23
Standard sizes Width mm 600
Length mm 1200
Thickness mm 20; 30; 40; 50; 60; 80; 100
Temperature range of operation TU °C - 50... +75


Plates of PENOPLEKS KROVLYa® are applied to thermal insulation of any roofing systems. Reliable, power effective thermal insulation allows to avoid heatlosses through a building roof, prevents formation of frost and icicles in a winter season.

Among traditional roofs flat roofs, with a waterproofing arrangement over a heater enjoy popularity.

At the device of the facilitated roof in new construction and when carrying out reconstruction of flat roofs with the basis from the metal pro-thinned-out sheets ensuring creation reliable, facilitated and technological performed by a roof, simplicity of its further operation becomes a singular problem. Especially for roofs of this kind the PENOPLEKS company certified the combined PROOF system for buildings with increased requirements of fire safety.

All methods of thermal insulation of cattle roofs plates of PENOPLEKS KROVLYa® allow to avoid "cold bridges" on rafter designs and to reach high uniformity of a heat-insulation layer, allow to create comfortable conditions both during a heat, and in cold weather.

The increasing popularity is gained by the operated inversion roofs which allow to use rationally space in the conditions of the modern city: here it is possible to arrange parkings, pedestrian zones, green platforms. The material PENOPLEKS® has the high durability, reliability and durability that allows to use it in the loaded designs.

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Heater for PENOPLEKS KROVLYa® roof
Heater for PENOPLEKS KROVLYa® roof
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