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High-selective system anticereal herbicide for poslevskhodovy processing of crops of grain crops

Active ingredient: +клодинафоп-пропаргил+клоквинтосет-мексил fenoksaprop-p-ethyl (antidote)
Chemical группа:арилоксифеноксипропионаты,антидоты herbicides
Preparative form: the emulsion concentrate containing 140 g/l of fenoksaprop-p-ethyl + klodinafop-propargit 90 g/l + 60 g/l klokvintotset-meksit (antidote)
Packing: 4 x 5 l
Period of storage: not less than 3 years
Danger class: 2


  • High efficiency against cereal weeds
  • High selectivity for the processed cultures
  • Wide technological window in application terms
  • Excellent dozhdeustoychivost
  • The active ingredient which is most widely applied around the world in fight against cereal weeds in crops grain
  • Lack of restrictions on a crop rotation
  • High economic efficiency of control of an ovsyug, prosyanok, foxtails and other cereal weeds


Selective herbicide for poslevskhodovy processing of wheat against a wide range of cereal weeds.

KUGAR K.E is absorbed by land bodies of plants within 1-3 hours after application and collects in growth points. At the biochemical level herbicide inhibits biosynthesis of fatty acids in meristemny fabrics of cereal weeds, interfering with formation of cellular membranes in growth points that leads to the termination of growth and death of a weed plant within 2-4 weeks depending on the developing weather conditions.


Has herbicidal effect on the sensitive cereals which are present at crops at the time of processing and does not affect the processings (the second wave of weeds) which appeared later. Therefore it is important correct to choose terms of use of medicine when the bulk of one-year cereal weeds appears. Usually, one processing provides effective protection of crops during all vegetative period.


Herbicide after processing quickly gets into leaves of weed plants and almost in a day the competition of weeds for culture considerably is eliminated. Active growth of sensitive cereal weeds stops 48 hours later from the moment of processing. Death of points of growth of weeds coincides with emergence of a hloroz on young leaves and the subsequent necrosis. External signs of death of weeds are shown in 1-3 weeks depending on weather conditions of the vegetative period and a phase of development of weed plants. However full dying off of weed cereals happens later (in 10-15 days and is later depending on weather conditions). The most bystry herbicidal effect is reached when processing in early stages of development of weed cereals (a phase of 2-3 leaves) and under favorable conditions for growth (optimum humidity and temperature)


In the majority of experiences when using herbicide Kugar on crops of spring-sown field the arrest of development of cultural plants is noted.


In order to avoid emergence of resistant biotypes of cereal weeds it is recommended to alternate in a crop rotation use of herbicides from the different chemical groups differing on the action mechanism.


Let's combine with the majority of herbicides (in particular, with medicines on the basis of the following active ingredients: 2,4-D air, MTsPA, amidosulfuron, bromoksinit, klopiralid, diflyufenikan, fluroksipir, izoproturon, tifensulfuron-marked, triasulfuron, metsulfuron-marked), fungicides, insecticides, the regulators of growth and mineral fertilizers applied on grain crops. In each case preliminary check on chemical compatibility of the mixed components is necessary. At preparation of tank mixes to avoid direct mixing of medicines without preliminary cultivation by water.


Class of danger to bees - 2 (maloopasen). At application it is necessary to observe the following ecological time limit: to carry out processing of plants at a speed of wind up to 4-5 m/s; a boundary and protective zone for bees - more than 2-3 km; restriction of summer of bees - 3-4 hours.
Use of medicine in personal subsidiary farms and in a sanitary zone around fishery reservoirs at distance of 500 m from flooding border at the maximum standing of flood waters is forbidden, but 2 km from the existing coast are not closer.


Spraying is carried out to a windless clear weather in morning or evening hours, providing uniform spraying of a surface. The interval between processing and possible loss of rainfall has to be not less than 3-4 hours.

Order of preparation of working liquid: before work to check purity of a tank, hoses and sprays, and also availability for service of all spraying equipment. Then to define quantity and uniformity of water supply through sprays and to adjust consumption rate of liquid on hectare. Working solution prepares just before spraying. Measure the required amount of medicine on one gas station of a sprayer. For preparation of uterine solution of medicine the capacity (bucket) is filled on ½ water, then add the measured amount of herbicide, carefully mixed, added water. Further the tank of a sprayer is filled approximately half with water, pour in it in uterine solution of medicine, added water up to the full volume at continuous hashing of solution sprayer mixers. Rinse several times water the capacity in which uterine solution prepared, and pour out contents in a sprayer tank. Working solution and gas station of a sprayer it are produced on special platforms.

Cleaning of a sprayer: cleaning of sprayers is recommended to be carried out directly to the field right after completion of works. Order of cleaning of a sprayer: to empty a tank, to wash out a tank, a bar and hoses clear water. To remove all visible deposit. To remove and wash out sprays and grids. To rinse a tank, a bar and sprays with clear water.


To store in the dry room intended for storage of pesticides at a temperature is not lower - 10 0C and not higher than +30 0C.

Consumption rate
medicine, l/hectare
Harmful object Way, time
brands of cars
Expectation term,
(frequency rate
0,3-0,4 Spring-sown field Annual cereals
(ovsyug, species of a foxtail,
millet chicken, millet
sornopolevy, metlitsa
ordinary, meadow grass,
prosyanka, etc.)
Spraying of crops on vegetiruyushchy weeds, irrespective of a cultural development phase - (1)


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