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Highly effective poslevskhodovy herbicide for fight against broad-leaved weeds in crops of winter and summer grain crops

Preparative form: the water dispersed granules.
Active ingredient (on ISO): tribenuron-methyl.
Concentration: 750 g/kg.

Characteristic of active ingredient: tribenuron-methyl concerns to group sulfonilmochevin and has high biological activity against one-year two-submultiple and some cereal weeds, and in the raised dose suppresses long-term types.

Action mechanism: Respect, getting to a plant, causes inhibition of enzyme of an atsetolaktatsintaza (ALS) therefore synthesis of amino acids is suppressed that leads to violation of a mitosis and synthesis of substances in plants. As a result cell fission at sensitive plants stops and their growth stops.

Medicine Respect advantages:

· has high efficiency;

· medicine has sharp selectivity of action concerning grain crops, this very big advantage - the widest range of application (2-3 present sheets at culture to an exit a flag leaf);

· Respect has a wide range of impact on the weeds steady against herbicides of hormonal action 2,4-D therefore it can be applied against the majority of species of weeds, including steady against other herbicides;

· it is possible without fears to bring in the cold spring as unlike hormonal herbicides medicine does not cause toxicity;

· quickly decays in the soil therefore there are no restrictions on the subsequent cultures at usual rotation in a crop rotation;

· it is made in Europe;

· allows to lower herbicidal load of the soil significantly.

The period protective deystviya:preparat reliably protects culture from a phase of shoots before emergence a flag leaf.

Speed vozdeystviya:respekt has the strongest effect during active growth of young weed plants. It should be applied in a stage of 2-4 leaves of weeds. Emergence of symptoms depends on a type of weeds, a stage of growth and weather conditions. The first symptoms, including hloroz, a necrosis, appear in several days after processing, and in 1-2 weeks weeds perish. When processing less sensitive weeds, in later terms of development and at dry weather symptoms are shown later. Some srednechuvstvitelny weeds remain green for a long time, however their development is oppressed. In 2 hours after medicine introduction, the processed weeds stop in growth and cease to absorb water and mineral substances from the soil, without competing with grain crops any more.

Range of herbicidal activity: one-year two-submultiple weeds, including steady to 2,4-D and 2M-4H, and bodyak field.
sensitive types: bodyak field, Vika sornopolevy, a geranium (types), the mountaineer (types), mustard field, mustard black, a gulyavnik (types), a two-row tonkolisty, a zheltushnik levkoyny, a kardariya (types), lettuce wild, a buttercup (types), poppy wild, mar white, a nevyanik of a sowing campaign, a dandelion ordinary, a sow-thistle field yellow, a shepherd's bag, a pikulnik (types), a mallow (types), a pupavka (types), a radish wild, a camomile (types), a smolevka (types), a toritsa field, a violet field, the shchiritsa who is thrown back a yarutka field, etc.
moderately sensitive types: the cornflower is blue, a dymyanka medicinal, a violet three-colored, an ambrosia polynnolistny.
insufficiently sensitive types: bindweed field, Veronika plyushchelistny.

Method of application and consumption rates:


Harmful object

Norm of use of medicine,

Way, time, features of use of medicine

Expectation term
(frequency rate of processings)

Spring-sown field, barley summer One-year two-submultiple weeds, in steady to 2,4-D and 2M-4H


Spraying of crops in a phase of 2-3 leaves - there began the kushcheniya of culture and early growth phases of weeds.

Consumption of working liquid of 200-300 l/hectare.

60 (1)
Wheat and barley summer and winter One-year two-submultiple weeds, including steady to 2,4-D and 2M-4H, and bodyak field


Spraying of crops in a phase of a kushcheniye of culture and early growth phases of weeds. Winter to process in the spring.

Consumption of working liquid of 200-300 l/hectare.

Terms of an exit of people for carrying out the mechanized works - 3 days.

Land spraying of weeds is produced serially by the released shtangovy land sprayers of OP-2000-2-01,OP-2000, etc. For preparation of working solution the sprayer tank on ¼ is filled with water and at the working mixer add necessary amount of medicine or its uterine solution. Then the sprayer tank is completely filled with water at the included mixer. If use of the medicine Respect in tank mixes with other pesticides is supposed, then at first dissolve the medicine Respect, and then a partner component. After spraying the equipment has to be washed immediately out. Any brands of the serial released shtangovy sprayers with the corresponding diameter of the nozzles providing a uniform covering of weeds are suitable for carrying out spraying.

In order to avoid excessively high dose of introduction it is necessary to be convinced that parameters of the equipment are set correctly. When spraying to avoid repeated introduction, an overshoot, delays and turns. It is necessary to avoid hit of the spraying solution on other crops susceptible to this herbicide.

For strengthening of herbicidal activity at a strong contamination weeds or difficult weather conditions (draft) together with the medicine Respect to a tank of a sprayer add the surfactants (S) like "Trend", "Neonol of AF9-12" and others is normal of 200 ml/hectare.

Compatibility with other pesticides: let's combine with many pesticides. It is not necessary to mix herbicide Respect with fosfororganichesky pesticides. Before application in tank mixes it is recommended to carry out trial mixing.

Storage conditions: in the warehouse which are specially intended for storage of pesticides in hermetically closed original packing at a temperature from minus 20 °C to plus 30 °C.

Period of storage: 3 years from the moment of production in not opened original packing (at observance of storage conditions).


For specification of the price, delivery periods and td. address on a phone number ☎ 7 (747) 5133566

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