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Horizontal packing machine of ILAPAK of Smar buy in Almaty
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  • BrandНХЛ-Агро
  • Country of manufactureKazakhstan

You can buy the Horizontal packing machine of ILAPAK of Smart here!


Smart is an initial model of ILAPAK firm among electronic horizontal packing machines like "flou - pak". Smart can be used for packing of wide range of food and nonfood products, both individual, and group. High quality of design and production peculiar to all production of the ILAPAK brand, and also long - term successful experience of firm,
guarantee the maximum reliability and efficiency of the delivered equipment.

Main characteristics of Smart:

  • Packing machine with a uniform control system of the standard PC controller.
  • Strong mechanical design in which the special attention is paid
  • to aspects of hygiene, ease of cleaning and service - all parts contacting to production are made of stainless steel.
  • 2,5 meter conveyor giving production with adjustable lateral guides - the quick - detachable changed pushers.
  • Multi - purpose technology of drives with three independent systems of drives (consisting of asynchronous besshchetochny ABB motors, with the built - in enkoder, operated by frequency inverters) for clips, the giving conveyor and rollers.
  • The automated and fast replacement of the sizes of a product with the parameters which are stored in the database. The database for storage of parameters to 64 various products.
  • The operator's interface with the graphic liquid crystal color display (with the intuitive function - oriented menu) in a combination with the keyboard for entering of parameters and functions of the car.
  • The system "is not present a product / there is no package
  • System of protection of a product at uncoordinated giving (a pause in work of clips).
  • The device of fastening of a film with one shaft for roll width to 650 mm.
  • Fastening shaft with the self - centering cones fixing a roll (for diameter of a core of 76 mm. ) and smooth adjustment of resistance of unwinding of a film.
  • Formoobrazovatel of a sleeve of the fixed type, quick - change.
  • System of a broach and longitudinal welding of a film of the modular design consisting of one couple of not heated stretching rollers, one couple of heated rollers welding a film and one couple of turning - in rollers.
  • The cross welding clips with the fixed cutting - off knife and pretsizionno the made welding corrugation - the shaft of the top clip is sprung and the clip is regulated for ensuring equal and uniform welding and cutting.
  • The isolated zone of giving of a product from the car case for the maximum ease of cleaning and service - all parts contacting to production are made of stainless steel.
  • Interaxal distance of the welding clips with the safety coupling of 150 mm or 180 mm.

Technical specification

Productivity is up to 100 packings a minute

Working productivity of the car will be defined by the speed of giving of a product

Range of the sizes of a product:

Interaxal distance of 150 mm

Interaxal distance of 180 mm

Length: 50 - 500 mm. Length: 100 - 550 mm.
Width: 20 - 230 mm. Width: 20 - 230 mm.
Height: to 90 mm. Height: to 120 mm.

Giving: The product gives all the best manually under a pusher of the giving conveyor

horizontal packing machine

Packing material:

The majority of the thermowelded films, such as polypropylene (RR), laminates and koekstrudirovanny films, other materials.

Film roll sizes:

Width: to 650 mm.
Outer diameter: to 350 mm.
Internal diameter: 76 mm.

Detachable length of a film:

100 - 500 mm for interaxal distance of 150 mm,

150 - 600 mm for interaxal distance of 180 mm.

Mechanical speed:

to 100 cycles a minute *

* Working productivity depends substantially on properties of a film and other characteristics, including on properties and the sizes of a product.

Power supply:

400 V. + / - 5% , 3 phases//220 V. + / - 5% , 3 phases

Power consumption:

5 kVA


3 AVV asynchronous motors with inverters, with the built - in enkoder

Shipping requisites.

Smart with 2,5 - the meter giving conveyor:

Overall dimensions: 3930 x 1300 x 1460 mm. (D x Sh x V)
Car weight: 900 kg
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