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Humate Potassium Reagent (powdered)

Humate Potassium Reagent (powdered)

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THE LIGNIN-ALKALINE REAGENT is a crumbly powder, paste or liquid from dark brown to light grey in color with a light specific smell. It is a product of the interaction of humic substances contained in a solid fuel (pulverized lignite), with a concentrated caustic solution resulting in salt formation – sodium or potassium humate, depending on the alkaline technology used.

Currently, humic reagents are predominantly produced as powder by the so-called “dry method.” The essence of the method lies in the treatment of the high-in-humic acid pulverized lignite with a caustic sodium or potassium concentrated solution. The reagent produced looks like a powder and is easy-to-work with as is added to a mud solution without any preliminary treatment. The reagent production technology is fairly simple while the raw material base is practically unlimited.

The sodium and potassium lignin-alkaline reagents are designated for drilling fluid treatment aimed at reducing the filtration, inhibition parameters and improving the rheological properties. Having multi-functional properties they are an intensive solid phase flocculent, particularly, for mud being an effective viscosity reducer, emulsifier and reagent – pH-regulator.

Lignin-alkaline reagents can be used as a softener and concrete mixtures, as well as in agriculture as a stimulator of growth for enhanced grain , cereals, sunflower, winter apple varieties, indoor and outdoor soil vegetables yields, as well as for ornamental plant development.

The major types of lignin-alkaline reagents (LAR) produced by Aziya Kompogum Resos TOO are:

  • Sodium- based lignin-alkaline reagent (granuled and powdered);
  • Potassium-based lignin-alkaline reagent (granuled and powdered);
  • Potassium humate reagent (granuled and powerded)
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Humate Potassium Reagent (powdered)
Humate Potassium Reagent (powdered)
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