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Hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) HYDROGEN PEROXIDE buy in Almaty
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Hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) HYDROGEN PEROXIDE

Hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) HYDROGEN PEROXIDE

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Hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) HYDROGEN PEROXIDE of 60% , H2O2 — the simplest representative of peroxides. Colorless liquid with "metal" taste, beyond all bounds water soluble, alcohol and ether. The concentrated aqueous solutions are explosive. Hydrogen peroxide is good solvent. From water it is allocated in the form of unstable H2O2•2H2O crystalline hydrate.


  • Hydrogen peroxide is widely known as strong oxidizer. It can sometimes be applied and as reducer (for example, by production of dioxide of chlorine in TsBP). The most important use of hydrogen peroxide includes also cellulose whitening, and also textile fibers. Many decades hydrogen peroxide was used in the cosmetic purposes for processing of hair.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is applied in chemical industry as raw materials in oxidation reactions, such as oil epokidization. Also it is used in many processes of environmental protection, such as processing of drain waters, gases and recovery of the soil. Also there are special grades of peroxide which are applied by production of foodstuff and in production of aseptic packaging of dairy products. Some of these grades are kosher and certified by NSF (The national scientific organization of the USA).

  • In cellulose whitening, hydrogen peroxide has strong positions at alkaline steps. In bleaching house hydrogen peroxide and the distilled peruksusny acid (dPAA) - excellent alternative to chemicals of delignification and whitening; for example, when production of dioxide of hydrogen becomes the bottle - neck in process or for the ecological reasons. Hydrogen peroxide is used in production TCF (completely non - chlorine) and ECF (without elementary chlorine) cellulose. In delignification and whitening peruksny acid (PAA) can be used along with chlorine dioxide as the combined whitening step.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is widely used as the bleaching chemical for different types mechanical and chemical mekhanichekikh masses. At use of hydrogen peroxide it is possible to reach the broad range of whiteness that allows to fulfill requirements to weight for production of high - quality journal paper, cardboard and sanitary and hygienic papers. Whitening of drevmassa is carried out to one or to two steps, depending on desirable gain of whiteness, however in the simplest processes weight can be bleached by hydrogen peroxide directly in refiners. In production of chemical and mechanical masses hydrogen peroxide can be applied as alternative to sulfonation of lignin of achievement of higher mechanical rates of weight and paper.
  • When you want to increase most reached whiteness, to reduce fluctuations of whiteness and to avoid yellowing of final weight, we recommend to apply hydrogen peroxide - during process of decolorization of waste paper or as separate step.

Country producer Finland
Additional characteristics
Number of party 5E0060S574
Property Specification
Contents in % 59,4
Acidity, dilution on: 1/10 ( - 1,0) 2,5
Stability, decomposition at 96C in 16 hours 0,4
Iron less than 1
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Hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) HYDROGEN PEROXIDE
Hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) HYDROGEN PEROXIDE
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