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Hydrometer (humidity analyzer) Evlas-2M

Hydrometer (humidity analyzer) Evlas-2M

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Technical characteristics
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Hydrometer (humidity analyzer) Evlas - 2M

Hydrometer (the humidity analyzer) "Evlas - 2M" represents the compact, available and high - precision analyzer of humidity which is ideal for quality control of production, and also for ensuring entrance control in departments of acceptance. Simplicity of service and work on it is mute allows to attract personnel of any qualification.

Humidity analyzer scope "Evlas - 2M"

  • Agriculture: grain, seeds of various cultures, wool and fibers, grain of mix and compound feed, flour any, etc.
  • Production of bread and bakeries: flour, dough, yeast, bread, bakery products, macaroni, vermicelli, etc.
  • Production of confectionery: flour, dough, cream, oil, margarine, semi - finished products, confectionery mixes, jelly, finished products, etc.
  • Processing of seeds of oil - bearing crops: seeds, cake, meal, etc.
  • Fatty and cosmetic enterprises: mayonnaise, margarine, cream, jelly, semi - finished products, laundry detergent, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.
  • Pishchekombinata and the overworking plants: grain, mixes, dry semi - finished products, dry drinks, flakes, sticks, mushrooms, berries, nuts, canned food, etc.
  • Meat and pishchepererabatyvayushchy combines: meat and meat products, and also their compound components (sausages, sausages, forcemeats, canned food, spices, etc. )
  • Fish processing and fish - canning enterprises: fish, marine mammals, sea invertebrates, products of their processing, etc.
  • Milk - processing plants: butter, cheese, cottage cheese, powdered milk, cream powder, yogurts, semi - finished products, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: dry vaccines and preparations, powders, tablets, cream, suspension, etc.
  • Building industry: cement, plaster, chalk, construction solutions, sealants, filling, wood, polymeric powders, roofing and insulating materials, polymers, etc.
  • Other: powders, dry mixes, pastes, dry products and another.

The analyzer of humidity "EVLAS - 2M" is delivered in the following executions:

  • analyzer of humidity of grain and grain products;
  • analyzer of humidity of bread and bakeries;
  • analyzer of humidity of confectionery products;
  • analyzer of humidity of dairy products;
  • analyzer of humidity of meat products;
  • analyzer of humidity of tobacco and tobacco products;
  • analyzer of humidity of tea;
  • analyzer of humidity of construction materials;
  • analyzer of humidity of mayonnaise;
  • analyzer of humidity of pharmaceutical and chemical products;
  • analyzer of humidity of seeds of sunflower;
  • analyzer of humidity of fish and fish products;
  • analyzer of humidity of dried mushrooms, berries and vegetables;
  • analyzer of humidity of nuts;
  • analyzer of humidity of other exclusive products by request.

At the request of the buyer in one device several executions can be joint.

Technical characteristics:
Range of measurement of humidity, % 0 - 100
Limit of an absolute tool error of the analyzer, % no more than ± 0,2
Range of values of errors of results of measurement of humidity depending on the analyzed material, % from ± 0,2 to ± 1,5
Range of installation of temperatures of operating modes, °C 70 - 160
Error of installation and maintenance of temperatures of operating modes, °C no more than ± 2
Indication of result is made in a digital form with discretization of counting, % 0,01
Range of mass of a hinge plate for carrying out the analysis, mg 2000 - 10000
Time of warming up and establishment of an operating mode, mines no more than 30
Overall dimensions, mm 187х230х320
Weight, kg 6,3
Power consumption, W no more than 370

Simplicity of performance of operation

The forward panel allows to work with the alphanumeric indicator and the keyboard simply and without mistakes. The weight of test is defined automatically. Symbols on the alphanumeric indicator conduct you according to all menu, just allowing quickly and to enter parameters on the control panel.

Features of the analyzer

The toroidal form of the infrared heating element which is built in a drying chamber allows to dry up test evenly. The infrared heater is operated the temperature sensor located very close to test.

The microprocessor excludes a possibility of a mistake when calculating

Within 5 - 15 minutes drying during which the built - in microprocessor counts all values based on data of measurement is carried out, the final result is highlighted on the display. "Evlas - 2M" is disconnected or in the timer mode, or in completely automatic mode when test reaches constant weight.

Measurement time

Depends on humidity of a sample, mass of a hinge plate and on properties of a product to give humidity.

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Hydrometer (humidity analyzer) Evlas-2M
Hydrometer (humidity analyzer) Evlas-2M
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