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Hydrometer of ELVIZ-2S (humidity analyzer) buy in Kokshetau
Buy Hydrometer of ELVIZ-2S (humidity analyzer)
Hydrometer of ELVIZ-2S (humidity analyzer)

Hydrometer of ELVIZ-2S (humidity analyzer)

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Hydrometer of ELVIZ-2S (humidity analyzer)

The hydrometer (the humidity analyzer) is intended to ELVIZ-2S for exact, fast and simple measurement of humidity of solid monolithic, loose, fibrous, pastelike materials, water suspensions and nonaqueous liquids in vitro by a thermogravimetric method.

Scope of analyzers of humidity of the ELVIZ series:

  • agriculture,
  • food industry,
  • pharmaceutical industry,
  • production of perfumery,
  • production of construction materials,
  • control testing laboratories TSSMIS (Centers of Standardization of Metrology and Certification),
  • TsGSEN (Centers of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance),
  • SGI (State Grain Inspections).

Principle of operation of the analyzer of humidity of "ELVIZ-2S":

Thermogravimetric express method: the analyzer fixes the starting mass of a sample, analyzes change of weight in the course of drying, fixes the moment of establishment of constant weight, makes calculation and brings results of measurement to the alphanumeric indicator: percentage of moisture in a sample.

On the alphanumeric indicator of the analyzer of humidity "ELVIZ-2S" all important parameters of the ex-recop (measurement) are displayed: humidity, weight, analysis time, heating temperature.

At the time of the end of measurement the analyzer gives a sound signal.

Technical characteristics:
limit of the allowed absolute tool error of measurement of humidity, %
For the initial weight of test =1gr
For the initial weight of test =5gr

range of measurement of humidity, % to 100
discretization of reading of indications of humidity, % 0,01
range of weighing of electronic scales, gram 0... 50
discretization of reading of indications of scales, gram 0,001
temperature range in a drying chamber, °C 40... 180
discretization of a task of temperature of drying, °C 1
drying modes accelerated and smooth
main modes of measurement up to the constant weight
the fixed time, min.
way of measurement mass fraction of moisture (damp basis)
mass relation (dry basis)
heating element glass-ceramic infrared
interface RS-232
weight no more, kg 8
power consumption no more, W 400
food 220B, 50 Hz
overall dimensions 205х310х190

For analyzers of humidity of the ELVIZ series are developed and certified in Federal State Unitary Enterprise Uralsky scientific isledovatelsky institute of metrology of the technique of performance of measurements (TPM).

name of a product (material) number at which the certified MVI is registered the most admissible technique absolute error of measurement of humidity of a product, % the average time of one measurement of humidity of a concrete product at observance of recommendations of MVI, mines
MVI for the grain processing enterprises and kombikormoproizvoditel
grain crops from 0% to 18% / from 18% and more 0,5/0,7 8-7/7-10
flour and bran 243-20 0,5 3-5
MVI for the enterprises of the baking industry
bakery products 243-22 0,8 5-10
pasta 243-21 0,5 3-7
dough baking 243-49 1,0 7-9
the yeast pressed, baking 243-45 1,0 4-7
MVI for the enterprises of the confectionery industry
wafer sheets, stuffing 243-42 0,5 3-4
cookies, gingerbread products 243-27 0,5 4-6
cakes, cakes 243-24 0,5 4-8
creams confectionery 243-28 0,6 2-8
fruit jelly 243-48 2,0 6-8
zephyr 243-47 1,0 5-8
jams 1,0 6-7
nuts (almonds, filbert, pistachios) 0,4 5-6
MVI for food combines making snack and instant products
concentrates food (dry breakfasts) 243-56 0,6 3-5
concentrates food (soups) 243-54 0,6 3-6
concentrates food (porridges) 243-55 0,6 4-7
croutons (with flavoring additives) 343.04.01.001/2002 0,3 4-6
MVI for the enterprises of the dairy and fatty industry
fermented milk products: kefir, yogurt 243-46 / 243-57 0,8 4-7
cottage cheese and syrkovy weight 243-37 0,5 8-12
cheeses 243-36 0,5 7-9
butter (cow) 243-35 0,5 4-5
powdered milk: integral, fat-free 0,3 3-5
ice cream 243-58 0,7 5-6
the milk condensed with sugar 1,0 9-11
margarine M243-47 0,7 5-8
mayonnaise 243-44 0,6 7-9
MVI for the meat-processing enterprises
sausages 243-26 0,8 10-13
albumine 0,5 4-6
MVI for the pharmaceutical enterprises
analginum, aspirin 243-38 0,2 3-7
litovit 0,5 5-6
hematogen 0,5 7-8
MVI for water utilities
kek (active silt) 243-43 relative error (%) 5,0 20-25
MVI for the enterprises of the paper industry
paper, cardboard 0,3 3-5
MVI for the enterprises making rubber products
chalk natural / the kaolin enriched 243-53 otnosit.pogr. 25,0/5,0 3-4 / 3-4
technical carbon / soot white 243-52 otnosit.pogr. 25,0/5,0 3-4 / 3-4
fillers for rubber curing 243-51 otnosit.pogr. 25,0 3-4
rubber synthetic 243-50 otnosit.pogr. 25,0 3-4

Lack of MVI interesting you in the above list means a possibility of work with these materials on analyzers of the ELVIZ series. Now are developed, but MVI for malt, compound feeds, forages on the basis of herbs, for grain, oil-bearing crops and products of their processing (cake, meal, oil), dried vegetables and fruit, spices, vegetable medicinal raw materials, raw materials for production of mayonnaise (egg powder, melange), mincemeat, fish and fish products, tobacco, cotton, fabrics, wood shaving, paint and varnish production, construction materials (cement, sand, chalk, clay, forming mixes), the soil, peat, etc. are not certified yet. If the technique certified by GOSSTANDART the Russian Federation is necessary for you, then we can carry out all preparatory work for carrying out certification. Quotations of bodies of GOSSTANDART of the Russian Federation make 7000-10000 rubles for one technique.

All analyzers of humidity of the ELVIZ series pass primary checking in the Center of Standardization of Metrology and Certification. (period of validity of the certificate on checking of 12 months).

Periodic checking of analyzers of humidity of the ELVIZ series has to is carried out annually in regional TsSMiS or other organizations accredited for these works, by the approved technique of checking of MP33-243-06.

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Hydrometer of ELVIZ-2S (humidity analyzer)
Hydrometer of ELVIZ-2S (humidity analyzer)
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