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Incubator for newborn Satis 3555 buy in Almaty
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Incubator for newborn Satis 3555

Incubator for newborn Satis 3555

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Kazakhstan, Almaty
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandMediprema
  • Country of manufactureFrance

Neonatal incubator of Satis 3555

High level of control and support of stability of temperature of the environment — a necessary condition for treatment and support of the vital parameters at children, in particular in the first days of their life. In an incubator function of control of parameters is assigned to the electronic Isis system. Also the system of moistening of air excluding a possibility of drying of integuments of the child is provided.

Characteristics of an incubator

  • The current parameters are displayed on ZhK the display by large figures.
  • The extensive dome over a bed provides the fine 5-sided review.
  • On the forward and back panel doors and ports for connection of tubes and sensors are located.
  • One door on the head and foot panel.
  • Silent opening is provided by convenient latches which if necessary open pressing of an elbow.
  • In total 11 ports for connection of sensors and tubes are provided.
  • Bed sizes: 620×390×30 mm.
  • The tilt angle of a bed can be changed, having raised a head by 10 degrees or having lowered by 5 degrees.
  • The tray for placement of the x-ray cartridge is equipped.
  • The basket leaves outside for 75%.
  • The bed is equipped with the rotary mechanism with an angle of rotation to 90 degrees.
  • Incubator height from a floor to the plane of a bed is regulated from 1 000 mm to 1 200 mm.
  • In a head part it is established a rail for installation of additional accessories and the equipment.
  • The basis is equipped with four small wheels, and on two the lock mechanism is installed.
  • Overall dimensions: length — 1 040 mm, width — 600 mm, height — 1 390 mm.
  • Incubator weight — 90 kg.

Working parameters

  • Air temperature in an incubator is regulated within 20-39 degrees Celsius.
  • Temperature of skin is traced within 35-39 degrees Celsius.
  • Change of parameters over 37 degrees requires confirmation.
  • Accuracy and stability of characteristics provides the Pt1000 sensor.
  • Humidity is regulated by pumping of air through the container with water in which water level is traced visually through a transparent window.
  • Optionally the active humidifier with control from 35% to 90% of humidity is established.
  • There is a special socket for the oxygen sensor.
  • Sound and visual signals of the disturbing notification are provided.
  • Power of a heating element is 450 W (600 VA).
  • Food from network 220 V.
  • Equipment noise level — less than 45 dBA.

Are optionally possible:

  • Built-in electronic scales.
  • Active humidifier.
  • Rotary bed.
  • Adjustment of height within 200 mm.
  • Mattress with "memory".
  • Installation two a rail for fastening of accessories in front and behind.
  • Installation of the disposable sensor of temperature.
  • The cover which is put on a dome for imitation of the day and night mode.
  • Double wall for improvement of thermal stability.
  • The holder for anesthesia tubes.
  • The mattress filled with helium.
  • The holder under a gas cylinder.
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Incubator for newborn Satis 3555
Incubator for newborn Satis 3555
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