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Individual compressor inhaler (nebulizer) of SUPER-EKO buy in Shymkent
Buy Individual compressor inhaler (nebulizer) of SUPER-EKO
Individual compressor inhaler (nebulizer) of SUPER-EKO

Individual compressor inhaler (nebulizer) of SUPER-EKO

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Individual compressor inhaler (nebulizer) of SUPER - EKO

The individual compressor inhaler (nebulizer) of SUPER - EKO of production of firm "Nuova" (Italy) is intended by Fly for carrying out a nebulayzerny aerozolterapiya. It is recommended for preventive and medical use in house conditions.
It is intended for carrying out nebulayzerny aerozolterapii - it is applied at treatment of sharp and chronic diseases of easy, top and lower airways at home:
— pharyngitis, laryngitis
— rinosinusita, tracheitis
— bronchitis, bronchial asthma
— pneumonia, tuberculosis of lungs
— chronic obstructive diseases of lungs
— postoperative respiratory insufficiency
Technical characteristics
• Power supply - 220/230 B, 50 Hz
• Power - 130 BA
• The maximum pressure of air - 1,8 ± 0,3 bars
• An air consumption the compressor - 9 l/min
• Size of particles of an aerosol:
2,6 microns (Rapidflayem 5 Plus spray)
• Medicine expense: 0,30 ml/min.
• The minimum volume of medicine - 2 ml
• The maximum volume of medicine - 8 ml
• Time of continuous work - 60 min.
• Overall dimensions - 16,8 x 17,2 x 10,7 cm
• Weight - 1,2 kg
Maintenance instruction of SUPER - EKO of an inhaler (nebulizer)

A. The device for an aerozolterapiya
A1 — the A2 switch — A3 air inlet — the antidust A4 filter — the holder for the A5 spray — the handle for transportation of A6 — a food cord
B. Connecting tube (main block / spray)
C. Accessories
C1 — the RF5 Plus spray
C2 — a mouthpiece
C3 — a mask for adults
C4 — a mask for children (where it is provided)
D. RF5 Plus spray
D1 — the top part
D2 — a dyuza
D3 — the lower part
The inhaler of SUPER - EKO is equipped with the jet spray "Rapidflayem 5 Plus" which is made of polypropylene, unbreakable, nontoxical and steady against chemical compounds. The design of a spray allows to make its inclination.
To connect a food cord to the network socket. Tension of a network has to correspond to the working tension of the device.
* Before the first inclusion and periodically in the period of service life of the device to check a food cord for absence of damage.
* not to touch a plug wet hands and not to use an inhaler at acceptance of a bathtub.
To open a spray, having turned the top part D1 counterclockwise.
To fill in the medicine ordered by the doctor in the lower part of D3. To close a spray, having turned the top part D1 clockwise.
It is recommended to use medicine after its opening in the shortest possible time.
To connect accessories as it is specified on "the scheme of assembly".
To include an inhaler. * To children and dependent patients to use the device under strict supervision of adults.
Upon termination of procedure to switch off the device and to disconnect it from a network.
Washing, disinfection and sterilization of accessories
Washing: To wash in flowing water with use of weak reagent for ware (not abrasive), having sorted all parts coming into contact with medicine. To clean D2 dyuza, having disconnected it from the lower part of D3 of a spray.
Disinfection: To disinfect accessories, having chosen one of below - mentioned ways:
a) Immersion, except for a connecting tube, in solution of water and vinegar (three parts of water and one vinegar). Then to wash out in clear drinking water -
b) Boiling, except for a tube and a mask, on a water bath (within at most 10 minutes).
Sterilization: To sterilize the elements contacting to medicine by means of cold chemical sterilization, using a preparation on the basis of peruksusny acid.
Drying: To lay separate parts on a clean sheet of paper and to leave them to dry on air or to dry by means of the hair dryer. Again to establish a dyuza in a spray, working according to "the scheme of assembly".
At an intensive use the spray for ensuring the maximum therapeutic efficiency is recommended to replace each 6 months.
The antidust A3 filter which has to be replaced at its pollution is a part of an inhaler (is in the lower part of the device). For replacement of the filter it is possible to use the flat screw - driver which needs to be placed between edge of the filter and the case of an inhaler.

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Individual compressor inhaler (nebulizer) of SUPER-EKO
Individual compressor inhaler (nebulizer) of SUPER-EKO
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