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Installation of pipelines industrial, power and economic household purpose order in Atyrau
Order Installation of pipelines industrial, power and economic household purpose
Installation of pipelines industrial, power and economic household purpose

Installation of pipelines industrial, power and economic household purpose

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Kazakhstan, Atyrau
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  • Water supply system
  • Gas pipeline
  • Oil pipeline
  • Sewerage

The AVALON TTA company carries out construction of pipeline systems of any purpose. Competent specialists who are perfectly familiar with process of laying water - gazo-work for us, oil pipelines and sewer communications and always consider needs and the customer's wishes.

We have modern park of special equipment, including boring installations, mounting equipment, excavators, loaders and bulldozers. Our company performs laying and all accompanying works according to requirements of existing rules and standards, using the certified materials and the technologies checked in practice.

At installation of pipelines we provide:

  • complex preparation of the territory with preservation of thoroughfares, the existing engineering communications, green plantings and surrounding landscape;
  • full compliance of construction object of design technical documentation and to estimates;
  • short deadlines of work;
  • absolute order in the territory of construction;
  • strict observance of safety rules;
  • accurate following to the plan schedule of installation which is in advance stipulated with the customer.
The AVALON TTA company offers reasonable quotations and provides reliable guarantees of quality of installation and construction works. We propose the solutions which are optimum corresponding to requests and financial opportunities of the customer, and we wait for your orders at any time. The main pipelines - one of the most progressive inventions of mankind which was widely used most in our everyday life. Water - and gas supply, construction of systems of branch and cleaning of household and industrial waste, oil-extracting and oil processing, chemical and petrochemical, and also many other industries and life do not do without various pipeline communications.
The main lines of such systems pass through different obstacles - roads, embankments, other engineering networks. At the same time on water - and gas pipelines, and also will affect any other pipeline networks different operational factors. All this is carefully analyzed, calculated and reflected in the project.
Here recommendations concerning installation which also demands availability of serious experience and remarkable practical skill have to be specified. From there is conclusion: only having entrusted calculation and laying of pipes to professionals, it is possible to expect reliability and durability of construction. At full confidence that funds have been distributed and spent rationally.

Main pipelines: types and technologies of laying

The choice of this or that method of construction of pipeline system depends on character and complexity of conditions which are present at building site and will accompany operation process. Decisions are made on the basis of results of comparison of technical and economic parameters of assembly diagrams.

All pipeline systems can be divided conditionally on:

  • gas pipelines of the main or distribution type lay for the purpose of long-term transportation of the natural or liquefied gas from point of production or fence to the end user. Their laying is carried out over the earth, under its surface, and also under and over water;
  • warm and water supply systems are in the majority laid underground, more rare nadzemno, generally at the high level of ground waters or in other cases when underground installation is impossible or inexpedient. Heating mains and water systems demand protection against losses of thermal energy and corrosive attack of internal and external environment;
  • oil pipelines represent the difficult technical constructions intended for fence, transportation and supply of oil in processing equipment for the subsequent its processing. Respectively, pipeline systems which work with oil happen trade and main;
  • the sewer systems intended for branch and utilization of production and economic and household waste.

Laying of the main pipelines happens:

  • underground,
  • semi-underground,
  • land,
  • elevated,
  • in channels and collectors.
For the purpose of prevention or decrease in extent of influence of aggressive factors of environment at installation of pipeline systems different techniques are applied. It is heat insulation, soil gidrofobization, decrease in biocorrosion qualities of the environment of laying and so forth up to replacement of soil around the pipeline on less aggressive or additional protection of elevated communications against wind and rainfall.
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Installation of pipelines industrial, power and economic household purpose
Installation of pipelines industrial, power and economic household purpose
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