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Ionizer of TYENT UCE-9000 TURBO water buy in Almaty
Buy Ionizer of TYENT UCE-9000 TURBO water
Ionizer of TYENT UCE-9000 TURBO water

Ionizer of TYENT UCE-9000 TURBO water

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Kazakhstan, Almaty
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandTYENT
  • Country of manufactureKorea
  1.  The biggest surface of a plate  in the history of branch
    The device of 9090 Turbo has  the biggest plates  in the history of branch. The increased plates mean the strengthened alkaline and acid svoystvavoda,  higher  pH level, bigger OVP (oxidizing vosstanovitelnyypotentsial) and  the most useful water. Our plates from a meditsinskogotitan have the highest quality a platinum covering.
    Thanks to use of tenfold system our plates pokryvayutsyaplatiny 10 times, and   are thermally processed then for the best quality of an isrok of service.
  2. Integral and cellular hybrid plates
    Everything  ionizers   Tyent waters  have standard plates integral yacheistoygibridnoy technologies. Hybrid plates   combine vynoslivosttselny plates with technological advantages of cellular. For a start mybery  the thickest    plates in the history of branch, then, using   Michael Faraday's zakonamielektroliz, we try to obtain  the highest urovnyaelektroliz and  the biggest surface. As the kazhdyyprodavayemy   ionizer  of Tyent water in the world is created from  the most luchshikhkomplektuyushchy and has  the most advanced technical parameters,   it is never necessary to you in addition  for a plate.
  3. Power  is over 375 watts
    Our ionizer the Turbo the Extreme 9090 possesses  the biggest for all an istoriyumoshchnost. The electric power, working with plates, creates useful svoystvavoda. Big power helps to create water  of the best properties bezkakikh-or chemicals. 
  4. Ultrafiltration
    The line of ionizers  of Tyent water has  the biggest  in the history filters. Do not neglect the sizes of filters! The bigger size of filters means a bolshemest for the filtering materials, and the bigger quantity of filtruyushchikhmaterial will provide you the best filtration.
  5. Possibility of creation of super water
    Tyent created expression "super water", and  still ONLY our device imeetdostatochno big plates and there is enough power  to produce superwater without addition of chemicals. 
    Super water means the range of pH    from 2.3 to 12.0. As well as with all devices of a bezispolzovaniye of chemicals,  the pH level always depends on your initial water.
  6. Certificates of ISO
    Our plant has both ISO9001, and ISO14001. ISO is Mezhdunarodnayaorganization of standards, i.e.,  quality control costs at the appropriate level.
  7. ULListed
    It is entered in  the UL lists
    Tyent is entered in  the UL(E334893) lists. The laboratory    determines  the highest standard in safety by safety measures (UL) and in its lists popasttrudny only.  Do not agree to other standards, except UL!
  8. SMPS power supply
    The mode of pulse transformation of power supply (SMPS) –  the same technology that is used in TVs with the flat screen. It is reliable, it does not heat up as the old school transformer, and allows to regulate power   according to initial water in your house.
  9.  More than 50 modes of power supply
    Our advanced  SMPS system allows to adjust   the vzavisimost Tyent ionizer from that  , where do you live, and to receive  , thus,  the luchshuyuvoda.
    The water flowing from your crane possesses special characteristics, the kotorymena should neglect. The possibility of setup of your  Tyent ionizer of a vzavisimost from initial water is an advantage which will give a vamvozmozhnost to create excellent water where  you  lived.
  10. Technology of one contact
     Only one pressing of the button you can    receive clear, useful water at any time. Within its powers   to both the child, and the elderly person, and all, who mezhduny!.
  11. Without chemistry and lead
    Our devices it is documented are free from chemicals and lead. Draw naotsutstviya of chemicals. What     sellers of devices a sispolzovaniye of chemicals convinced you of, these substances pass through  the same camera that an ivasha drinking water. The logic will prompt that traces of these chemicals will be also to vpityevy water.
  12. Ultra-violet alternative 
    Instead of ultra-violet light we use an ultra-violet alternative (UVA). It has  the same cleaning properties, but is recognized  as safer ieffektivny.
  13. Cleaning  PAST system. Our  PAST system (polar technology of protivizvestkovy deposits) –  the most advanced in branch. The  cleaning is better, to a temdolsha serves accessories and the  water is more useful.
  14. Guarantee
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Ionizer of TYENT UCE-9000 TURBO water
Ionizer of TYENT UCE-9000 TURBO water
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