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Izoltekss completely does not miss couples therefore vapor barrier of a roof is carried out from within garret space, material is mounted to the lower part of rafters. Lingers on a paroizolyatsionny film of couples in the form of condensate therefore between finishing and a film leave a ventilating gap.

Vapor barrier of overlappings is also carried out by means of a film of Izolteks to S. Membran use on concrete and wooden overlappings. At arrangement of concrete overlappings, vapor barrier is stacked on a concrete plate, in wooden overlappings the film keeps within on a wooden flooring and logs with a small ventilating gap, over a film stack a heater and close the second layer of vapor barrier or a waterproofing.

Izolteks With is a material for vapor barrier of the Russian production with good technical characteristics.
Besides roofing vapor barrier and vapor barrier of overlappings the film of Izolteks With is also applied as:
- vapor barrier of a facade of buildings;
- vapor barrier of external walls from within the building;

Film of Izolteks With - univesalny vapor barrier for a roof, a facade, overlappings, walls. The cost of vapor barrier of Izolteks About below than similar foreign films. It allows to save at works.
The BNK Construction Materials company carries out an operational dostaka of films of Izolteks on. Also we will deliver films izolteks to any transport company.

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Izolteks With
Izolteks With
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