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Kazakhstan, Almaty
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandGOODZONE Energy ТОО
  • Country of manufactureKazakhstan
KGPE cable

Design elements:

  1. The conducting vein twisted from copper or copper tinned a provolok (class 5) -
  2. Semiconducting screens from electroconductive rubber like RE-2-
  3. Isolation of the main veins from rubber like RTI-1 on the basis of natural and butadiye-new rubber -
  4. Grounding vein -
  5. Auxiliary vein with isolation from propylene block copolymer with ethylene -
  6. Winding from a polietilentereftalatny film of the PET-E-brand
  7. Internal cover from rubber on the basis of isoprene and butadiene rubbers -
  8. External cover from rubber of the RSh-1 type (for a cable in tropical execution - RShN-1).

Note: Application as material of isolation of an auxiliary vein of block copolymer of propylene with ethylene ensures its high safety at repeated bends of a cable that prolongs the term of its operation. At the request of the consumer the cable can be made in a cover of bright color.


Cables of the KGPE brand are intended for connection of excavators and other mobile cars or electroinstallations to electric networks on rated voltage to 6 kV of alternating current with a frequency of 50 Hz on the main veins and to 380 V on an auxiliary vein.

Cables are intended for operation in the open air. Are mainly applied to excavators and other mobile mechanisms equipped with the equipment of automatic shutdown at single-phase short circuit on the earth. Isolation of cables is steady against influence of ozone within 3 hours at concentration of 0,0015%. Cables in tropical execution of a rack to defeat by mold mushrooms.

Service life of cables - not less than 3 years.


Rated alternating voltage with a frequency of 50 Hz

  main veins

6 000 V

 auxiliary veins

380 V




Test alternating voltage with a frequency of 50 Hz, 5 min.

 main veins

15 000 V

 auxiliary veins

2 000 V


Technical characteristics

Warranty period of operation [month] 12
Maximum working temperature of a vein [°C] 70
Radius of a bend of cables [outer diameters] 10
Construction length, not less [m] 200
Ambient temperature, top limit [°C] +50
Ambient temperature, lower limit [°C] - 50
Electric resistance of isolation of the main veins at 20 °C, not less [megohm x km] 50
Electric resistance of screens at 20 °C, not less [Megohm/km] 300


  Quantity and section of veins,
piece x sq. mm
  Mass of a cable,
Nominal outer diameter,
the main  auxiliary  grounding 
3х10  1х6  1х6  2318  41,2 
3х16  1х6  1х6  2645  43,8 
3х25  1х10  1х6  3180  46,4 
3х35  1х10  1х6  3730  50,2 
3х50  1х16  1х10  4502  53,9 
3х70  1х16  1х10  5986  63,3 
3х95  1х25  1х10  7287  66,5 
3х120  1х35  1х10  8449  72,0 
3х150  1х50  1х10  9795  77,6 

Current loading

Nominal section of the main conducting veins, sq. mm. It is long permissible current load of a cable, at the ambient temperature of 25 °C, And
10  82 
16  106 
25  141 
35  170 
50  213 
70  260 
95  313 
120  367 
150  413 
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KGPE cable
KGPE cable
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