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Technical characteristics
  • BrandМосагроген
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Kind of animalDog
  • Release formInjection
  • ColorTransparent



Кинорон® (Kinoron) - the medicine for animals representing mix of proteins of interferon an alpha 2b, phosphatic salts of sodium and potassium as stabilizers and a reopoliglyukin as a filler.

The preparation represents powder (or porous weight) white or cream color.

The preparation is let out in the form of the dried - up powder sterile liofilno (or porous weight) packaged on one dose in glass bottles with a capacity of 5 ml. For one dose the quantity of a preparation corresponding 100000 is accepted (1 · 105) the international units (IU) of total antiviral activity of the interferon entering a preparation. Bottles cork rubber traffic jams, strengthen aluminum caps.

Each bottle is marked with the indication of the manufacturing organization, its trademark, the name of a preparation and content of active ingredient in doses, number of a series (including date of production), an expiration date, storage conditions, the inscriptions "For Animals", "Sterilely", designations of the standard of the organization, a mark of conformity of quality, number of the state registration and supply with the instruction for application.

Store in the dry, protected from light place at a temperature from 2 °C to 10 °C. An expiration date at observance of storage conditions - 2 years from the date of production. It is forbidden to use Kinoron® after the termination of term of its validity.


Кинорон® possesses antiviral and immunomodulatory action. Suppresses reproduction both DNA - and the RNA - containing viruses, inhibiting an expression of virus genes. Immunomodulatory effect of interferon includes impact on cellular links of immune system: stimulates lytic activity of lymphocytes, specific cytotoxic T - lymphocytes and macrophages, modifies formation of antibodies lymphocytes In, regulates an expression of anti - genes of KLA on membranes of cages and the alpha stimulates production of own endogenous interferon.

Кинорон®в therapeutic doses it is well transferred by animals.


Кинорон® apply with the preventive and medical purpose at plague carnivorous, viral enteritis and infectious hepatitis of dogs.

Кинорон® apply hypodermically or intramuscularly. Just before application bottle contents with Kinoronom® are dissolved in 2 ml of the sterile distilled water, by waters for injections or physiological solution and mix before full dissolution. Solution can be stored in the refrigerator no more than 24 hours.

At threat of infection with the preventive purpose enter:

  • animal weighing up to 10 kg - from 2 to 4 ml of a preparation (1 - 2 doses);
  • weighing over 10 kg - from 4 to 6 ml (2 - 3 doses).

The preparation is applied every other day before disappearance of threat of infection.

With the medical purpose the preparation is applied at the first clinical symptoms of a disease in the same doses twice a day within the first three days of treatment and further - once a day every other day within 7 - 10 days.

At the mixed infections of Kinoron® apply in combination with antibiotics. Combined use of Kinorona®s by any chemotherapeutic to preparations is allowed.

Кинорон® in the recommended doses does not cause complications and has no side effect; there are no contraindications for application of a preparation.


During the work with Kinoronom® it is necessary to follow the general rules of personal hygiene and safety measures provided during the work with medicines.

Empty bottles from under Kinorona® are forbidden to be used for the household purposes.

Кинорон® it is necessary to store in the places inaccessible for children.

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