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Kleenanosyashchy MIXON 2300H installation

Kleenanosyashchy MIXON 2300H installation

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Kleenanosyashchy MIXON 2300H installation

Mixon 2300th, is suitable for the majority of usual glues with two components, such as: PVA, mochevinny, melamine, rezortsinovy and EPI. It is easy to make cleaning of the mixer and a matrix of glue within several minutes the minimum quantity of water for rinsing.

Kleenanosyashchy matrix

Matrix drawing is method in which the tool has the form corresponding to a form of a surface of a surface which will be covered with glue. The equipment for putting Mixon 2300-H glue, is suitable for flat, and also shaped surfaces. The matrix Mixon system is a device which applies glue on a wooden surface under pressure and with a dosage which can be regulated, thus glue is saved and the good basis for strong connection is provided. The glue matrix has the size which is usually used in Europe with a small stock.

Small open surface

The small open surface of a matrix of glue allocates the smallest amount of the glue adjoining to air. It helps to prevent the semi-dried-up glue with the reduced adhesion and bad pasting. Using glues which emit vapors, loss is reduced to a minimum in comparison with roller drawing

Unilateral or bilateral drawing

Mixon 2300-H can be equipped for unilateral or bilateral drawing. In case of unilateral drawing the name of the equipment - (2300-H/1)/1. Bilateral drawing can be executed separately or at the same time, depending on a design of your equipment. In cases where drawing takes place at different times, for example serially, the equipment is provided by two putting units to one system of a dosage. This equipment is called by 1+1 (2300H/1+1). If drawing has to be executed at the same time, there are certain nuances as for example glue and a hardener have to be mixed before hoses of supply of glue are divided to get to each corresponding matrix. To be able to guarantee a reliable dosage of glue and hardener. This project call (2300-H/2)/2.



The amount of glue is dosed and moves hydraulically the operated piston pumps. Glue and a hardener mix up in the static mixer. Accuracy of a dosage is kept within the admission, ordered by test institutes, and Mixsafe is operated by control system. Manual tests of a dosage can be executed, by weighing of glue and a hardener.

System of mixing of glue

the minimum quantity of glue mixes up with a hardener in the equipment. Glue always mixes up under control of time. Time can be adjusted to satisfy to various types of glue. The small quantity, only about 0.1 liters of the mixed glue, is spent in one or several cycles and continuously replaced with recently mixed glue. During longer breaks in production the mixed glue automatically is removed, thus guaranteeing the correct viscosity and avoiding risk of dehumidification or hardening of the applied glue.


Control system

The automatic valve adapted for a glue matrix operates time of supply of glue. Thus, reaction is optimized in real time as any excess glue is minimized at the beginning and the end of process of putting glue. The quantity and uniformity of putting glue on all surface is regulated by the dosage unit with hydraulic management

Washing of system

Loss of glue during cleaning is limited to about 0.1 liters of the mixed glue in the equipment. During daily service the equipment is usually washed out, without dismantle. The water consumption, for washing changes depending on various types of glue, but is always extremely low.

Filters for glue and a hardener

Because of the existing risk of pollution of glue or a hardener which can lead to failures the equipment is completed with the filter. Pollution can be in the form of splinters or particles of the dried-up glue or a hardener which follow forward in dosage pumps.

Cooler for glue

Making glued production where high temperature indoors negatively influences viability of glue and complicates production, the additional equipment is available in various projects to cool glue. See the single information sheet.


 - MIXON group 2360H

For the certain operator with manual complete control. Copes through PLC, with Ethernet. Control of Mixsafe 387 dosage with a complete measurement and submission of information on the display. Ask more detailed specification if it is required).



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Kleenanosyashchy MIXON 2300H installation
Kleenanosyashchy MIXON 2300H installation
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