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KOMBI-DP packing packing machine (packing in Doy-Pack) buy in Nur-Sultan
Buy KOMBI-DP packing packing machine (packing in Doy-Pack)
KOMBI-DP packing packing machine (packing in Doy-Pack)

KOMBI-DP packing packing machine (packing in Doy-Pack)

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The equipment "KOMBI-DP" it at the same time both a packing and packing machine intended for packing of various products in standing packages like that Pak (Doy-Pack). Works in completely automatic mode and Pak (Doy-Pack) forms packages of that of rolled material in the photo mode, corrections of drawing on a film, and by the established size on a pure film.

Technical characteristics of the KOMBI-DP submachine gun for packing in that Pak (Doy-Pack):

Type of a packing material RES/PE, PET/AL/PE and similar in coordination.
Thickness of a packing material 60-140 microns
Height of the received package (without cap height) 140-280 mm
Width of the received package 85-210 mm
Dose size 200-500 ml
Speed of work (clock) to 50 doses/mines
Pneumatic power 0,6 MRA, no more than 520 l/min
Power supply five-polar with the allocated grounding 380v 50 Hz no more than 5,2 kW
Dimensions (DKHSHKHV) 5560х1320х1950 (without batcher height)
Weight 1240 kg

The automatic machine is manufactured of stainless steel and has a multilevel control system on the basis of HLM of the controller of Mitsubishi.

The automatic machine automatically stops upon termination of work, as a result of break of a packing material or the termination of a product, in case of an exit of any indicators (temperature of a zapayka or cooling of a product, failure of mechanisms, etc.) for admissible norms.

For receiving the pasteurized product, on the automatic machine implementation of hot pouring, and also the subsequent heat treatment of packages of that Pak (Doy-Pack) in the autoclave is possible at a temperature up to 130 degrees.

Standard complete set of the equipment:

  • the main drive with stepless adjustment of speed;
  • electronic display of speed of work on the touch control panel;
  • speed control of work and the modes by means of the touch control panel;
  • the built-in counter of working hours which keep account of the made packages for change and not nullified counter from the moment of production;
  • protective protections with trailer switches (standardly);
  • control of temperature of the soldering heaters with the PIT system of adjustment (automatic stabilization of the set temperature at change of external working conditions);
  • the self-adjusted BAUER photosensor (USA) or "TURCK" (Germany) working in the "negative" and "positive" mode with self-adjustment on color of a phototag;
  • built-in vacuum ejector;
  • sensor of existence of a package under the batcher (there is no package — there is no filling);
  • the taking-away conveyor with a polyurethane tape;
  • rotary control panel;
  • the control panel integrated into the automatic machine;
  • the programmable controller with the touch control panel;
  • possibility of connection of CIP - a sink;
  • set of spare parts and serviceman's tool;
  • system of formation of standing doy-pak packages (Doy-Pack).

Additional options:

  • system of giving of caps of batchers;
  • the piston batcher with a control system of teardrop;
  • the level sensor in the batcher bunker which is switched on in the general control system;
  • built-in cooling system;
  • cutting system of a curve of corners of a package;
  • system of antibacterial ultra-violet processing of material.

Packing and packing of production in packages of that Pak (Doy-Pack) became possible thanks to modern packaging machines Kombi-DP. The company Elementary cars makes the big range of the equipment, automatic machines and semiautomatic devices for packing under the order. Carries out commissioning and delivery of the equipment.

It is useful to know:

Packing creation history doy-pak

Packing doy-pak is not considered today something unique or in a revolutionary way new any more. Production packed into packages doy-pak has a wide circulation. And once in 1963 the French inventor Louis Duayen for the first time invented a prototype of today's favourite package. But then the idea did not get accustomed, probably, just because of its sharp uniqueness and dissimilarity. But later Japanese nevertheless adopted this idea and successfully extended it on the world.

Packing design doy-pak

Today in doy-pak packages it is most widespread to pack liquid food, like mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces. Any of us can imagine such standing bags of lids or special locks. Doy-pak a package, as a rule, strong, is made of dense polyethylene, can also with use of a small number of plastic. The special design of welded seams moves apart a package bottom at its filling that allows it to keep durability and stability.

Advantages of packing doy-pak

Packages of that Pak were not for nothing so warmly accepted by practical Japanese, their obvious advantages are:

  • low cost of production;
  • convenience of transportation;
  • durability;
  • appeal on the shelf of shop.

Packages doy-pak in a revolutionary way replaced in due time a glass container from sauces and mayonnaise. It allowed to reduce significantly selling price of goods and to considerably increase sales.

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KOMBI-DP packing packing machine (packing in Doy-Pack)
KOMBI-DP packing packing machine (packing in Doy-Pack)
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