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Korotkobazny off-road crane SRC350, Palfinger Sany buy in Kostanaj
Buy Korotkobazny off-road crane SRC350, Palfinger Sany
Korotkobazny off-road crane SRC350, Palfinger Sany

Korotkobazny off-road crane SRC350, Palfinger Sany

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Kazakhstan, Kostanaj
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandPalfinger Sany
  • Country of manufactureAustria

Korotkobazny off-road crane SRC350, Palfinger Sany

The korotkobazny off-road crane Palfinger Sany, SRC350 of production Austria/China for $000 is on sale. Loading capacity is 35 t. Engine capacity is 119 kW. Lump is 32300 kg. Arrow: 4-section, ovoidny 10,0-31,5 m. Extender of an arrow of 13,7 m.

Guarantee of 12 months / 1000 engine hours. Available (Almaty). Delivery across Kazakhstan and the CIS (car / ZhD). Payment payment by installments for 6 months, cooperation with banks and the leasing companies.

Official dealership of the Palfinger Sany plant. A full package of documents for statement of the korokobazny off-road SRC350 crane for the account. Spare parts for the korotkobazny off-road SRC350 crane. Exit service and repair of korotkobazny off-road cranes across Kazakhstan.

Description of the korotkobazny off-road Palfinger Sany crane, SRC350 model

ARROW: from 10 to 31,5 m., 4th a section telescopic arrow, with the safety valve on the teleskopirovaniye cylinder. Ogolovok of an arrow with four rollers, the mechanical indicator of a tilt angle of an arrow.

RAISING of the ARROW: One hydraulic cylinder of double action (-2 ° to +78 °) with the built-in safety valve.

SECURITY SYSTEMS: OGM and independent system of restriction of height of raising of a hook with the audiovision of the notification and blocking of control levers. The electronic color display displaying the current information on operation of the crane: angle of lead and departure of an arrow, height of rise and mass of freight, cargo moment, maximum loading capacity. The coordinate protection allowing previously to establish border of a working zone. At approach to these borders, the system of the audiovisual prevention works. The hydrolock on the cylinder of rise and a teleskopirovaniye of an arrow, the indicator of 3 rounds on the rise winch.

CABIN: From stainless steel, soundproofed, with safety glass and a sliding door. Comfortable adjustable chair, sensors and monitors engine and movement of the crane, joysticks of management of crane installation. Sound signal, windscreen washers and cleaners, autonomous heater of a cabin, fan. Sun-protection peak, fire extinguisher, seat belt, illumination of salon, CD/MP3 of radio radio tape recorder, conditioner.

SYSTEM of ROTATION of CRANE INSTALLATION: stepless rotation on 360 °, a planetary reducer, working and parking a brake. Speed of rotation is from 0 to 2,7 rpm.

COUNTERBALANCE: One block 4 tons, is fixed on a frame of a rotary platform.

HYDRAULIC SYSTEM: piston pump sensitive to loading. A hydraulic tank with the indicator of level of liquid, with a capacity of 530 l. The sensor of pollution of the filter, unions of control of pressure in system, a cooling radiator.

MAIN WINCH: The axial and piston pump with a planetary reducer, an automatic multidisk brake. The winch is equipped with a rope of 16 mm, 165 m long.

HOOK-BLOCK: a hook-block with a loading capacity of 35 tons with four rollers, rotary, with a safety latch of a pharynx of a hook, weighing 360 kg. A hook with a sphere a weighting compound weighing 160 kg., with a loading capacity of 5 tons.

PORTABLE SUPPORT: 4 single-section portable hydraulic support 3 provisions of work of 0%, 50% and 100%. Steel thrust bearings.

ENGINE: The diesel Cummins QSB6.7 engine volume is 6.7 l, 6 cylinder, liquid coolings, with a turbocompressor. Power is 119 kW / 161 h.p. at 2500 about / min. The maximum torque of 730 Nanometers at 1500 about / min. The counter of engine hours, the indicator of level of cooling liquid, the notification audiovision at malfunctions. The volume of the fuel tank is 300 l.


WHEEL FORMULA: 4х4х4, 4 control modes.

TRANSMISSION: Automatic, 6 speeds of the forward course and the 6th backing. Shutdown of the forward bridge for the movement in the mode 4 x 2.

AXES: 2 axes operated and conducting the forward bridge is recorded on a frame, the back bridge is connected pivotally. Automatic device of blocking of the back bridge.

BRAKE SYSTEM: The hydraulic double-circuit system, influences all wheels. Disk brakes. The parking brake of spring and hydraulic type influences transmission.

TIRES: 4 tubeless tires 20.5R25.

LIGHTING: 24 V, a complete set of lighting and signaling devices, including forward headlights, stoplights, indexes of turn, the emergency signal located on a cabin and the main section of an arrow working lamps, flashing beacons of yellow color.

IN ADDITION: Tool kit.

COLOURING: Standard coloring of SANY and the warning plates and inscriptions in Russian.

Characteristics of the korotkobazny off-road Palfinger Sany crane, SRC350 model

Dimensions and weight
Dimensional length 12150 mm
Dimensional width 2625 mm
Dimensional height 3410 mm
Interaxal distance 3720 mm -
Gross weight 32300 kg
Load of the forward bridge 16640 kg
Load of the back bridge 15660 kg
Crane chassis
Engine model DongFeng Cummins QSB6.7 Tier 3
Engine capacity 162/119/2500 hp/kW / ob-min
Torque 732 N-m/1500 about-in
Maximum speed 25 km/h
Consumption of fuel of crane installation 10 l/hour
Turn radius 6200 mm
Wheel formula 4x4
Minimum road gleam 400 mm
Forward corner of a sves 23.9 ° -
Back corner of a sves 23.3 ° -
The max. overcome rise 75%
Crane installation
Loading capacity 35 t - -
Minimum working radius 3.05 m
Radius of a drift of a rotary part 3.94 m
Quantity of sections of an arrow 4
Arrow form ovoidny
max. - the Basic arrow 116.1 tm
Cargo moment
Completely put forward arrow 75.76 tm
Completely put forward arrow + gusek 33.65 tm
Arrow length
Basic arrow 10.0 m
Completely put forward arrow 31.5 m
Completely put forward arrow + gusek 45.2 m
Scope of portable support (longitudinal X cross)  6150x6150 -
Inclination of a gusk 0 ° - 15 ° - 30 ° -
Max. speed of raising of the main winch with one rope (without freight) 140 m/min
Max. speed of raising of the auxiliary winch with one rope (without freight) 140 m/min
Time of full promotion / retraction of an arrow 55/39 with
Time of full raising / lowering of an arrow 43/57 with
Turn speed 2.7 rpm
Temperature range From -25 ° - C to +40 ° - C
Additional equipment by request The approach device to the power line
Air conditioning system
Package for cold service conditions to -40 ° - With
Standard tool kit
Fire extinguisher
Heating of a cabin
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Korotkobazny off-road crane SRC350, Palfinger Sany
Korotkobazny off-road crane SRC350, Palfinger Sany
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