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KU-2-8 cation exchanger

KU-2-8 cation exchanger

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State standard specification 20298 - 74 KU - 2 - 8 cation exchanger, Highly acid cation exchanger

Analogs: Amberlite IR120, Tulsion T42, Purolite C100, Lewatit S100

High - capacious, highly acid sorbent of gel structure, with high osmotic stability and mechanical strength.

Ensures reliable functioning of filters in the modes set for the vast majority of consumers has standard particle size distribution.

Cation exchanger is water - insoluble, organic solvents, solutions of acids and alkalis, is nonflammable, inexplosive, non - inflammable product and does not make toxic impact on human body.

Name of indicators
Appearance Spherical grains from yellow till dark brown color.
Particle size distribution:
· grains size, mm 0,315 - 1,250
· volume ratio of working fraction, % , not less 96
· effective grains size, mm 0,40 - 0,55
· uniformity coefficient, no more 1,7
Mass fraction of moisture, %
N + - form 48 - 58
Na + - form 43 - 53
Osmotic stability, % , not less 94,5
Specific volume, cm3/g in the N - form, no more 2,8
Unformatted static exchange capacity, mmol/cm3 (mg - ekv/sm3, not less 1,8
Bulk weight, g/dm3 750 - 800

General description:

Ionic form - H + , hydrogen, - Na + , sodium. Functional group – sulfonate group.

Matrix – styrene - divinylbenzene. Structure – gel.

Range of application: KU - 2 - 8 cation exchanger can be used in all traditional ion - exchange processes, including:

  • softening and desalting of water on thermal and nuclear power plants, boiler rooms;
  • purification of technology solutions and drain waters;
  • division and release of non - ferrous metals;
  • as the catalyst.

Packaging: valve polypropylene bags on 25 - 30 kg laid in the μR containers weighing 450 - 550 kg or plastic bags laid on pallets.

Shipment in μR containers with polyethylene insert, or in other packaging coordinated with the consumer is possible.

Storage conditions: Cation exchanger is stored in the humidified state in container of manufacturer in dry and pure warehouse at temperature not lower than 2 ° C. At loss of moisture it is subjected to swelling in 5 multiple (20 - 24) % Nasl. Cherez solution of 3 - 10 hours solution merge and the ionite is washed out several times water. Freezing of cation exchanger does not exert impact on its properties. Defrosting of cation exchanger carry out at temperature (10 - 20) °C within 2 - 4 days. At operation it is necessary to avoid mechanical blows.

Warranty period of storage of cation exchanger – 1 year. When performing storage conditions, the expiration date can be prolonged after carrying out re - testing for compliance of ND.

The recommended external environment:

1. The water arriving on cation exchanger has to be most purified of the weighed and colloid particles. The weighed and colloid particles, enveloping cation exchanger granules, reduce sorption of ions from water and increase pressure difference in system. 2. Cation exchanger pollution by oils is inadmissible. They create film around cation exchanger granules that interferes with ion exchange reaction.

3. After loading of cation exchanger in the filter it is necessary to make its backwashing by water (3 - 5 water volumes on 1 volume of cation exchanger) until the filter is transparent.

4. By supply of cation exchanger in hydrogen - salt form for work in system of Na - cation exchange cation exchanger has to be previously transferred to Na – form (8 - 10) % by NaCl solution at the rate of the 3rd volume of NaCl solution on 1 volume of cation exchanger.

The recommended way of loading of cation exchanger in the filter – hydrotransport, pneumo and vacuum transport is inadmissible.

Minimum height of layer, mm


Pressure difference on the filter, no more, than an atm.


Maximum temperature, °C


Range rn

0 - 14

Breath upon transition from N + in Na + form, %

7 - 10

The regenerating solution, %

(1 - 2) % of H2SO4, (4 - 5) % of NSL, (6 - 10) % NaCl

Water discharge on otmyvka, about/about

2 - 5

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KU-2-8 cation exchanger
KU-2-8 cation exchanger
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