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LED lamps semiconductor

LED lamps semiconductor

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brand - GD-BE27-Q70
color - white
color temperature-6000-7000k
light stream, lm-360-420
power 7.0+/-0.2W
sizes: φ70. * 111mm
Color: red / yellow / blue / green
Economically … One of advantages of light-emitting diodes is their durability. These light sources possess a resource of use of 100 000 hours, and it is 10-12 years of continuous work. For comparison — the maximum term of work of neon and luminescent lamps makes 10 thousand hours. For the same time in the light module using luminescent lamps it will be necessary to replace them 8-10 times, and it is necessary "to twist" glow lamps anew from 30 to 40 times. Use of LED modules allows to lower costs of the electric power to 87!
Conveniently … The LED module — multicomponent structure with the unpretentious scheme of connection. In a chain, say, of fifty light-emitting diodes one — two faulty not only do not put an advertizing fragment out of action, but do not even influence total light radiation. The huge resource of work of light-emitting diodes practically solves the problems connected with need of their replacement. Besides, light-emitting diodes are capable to function reliably in the widest range of working temperatures.
Reliably … There is absolutely special type of reliability — that on which human lives at times depend. Application of light-emitting diodes in display units (road signs, traffic lights, information displays etc.) leads to significant increase in distance of their perception a human eye. Not casually in many large cities of the developed countries there are no ordinary traffic lights any more, and LED schemes are used in air and surface navigation systems.
Other aspect thanks to which light-emitting diodes by some customers are given preference are their durability and anti-vandal qualities. Unlike glass tubes these light sources are made of plastic. At the expense of it it is hard to put them out of action by means of mechanical damages. The characteristic tension necessary for work of one light-emitting diode — 3-4 volts. Therefore in conditions when observance of increased security measures is required or not an opportunity to use high tension, light-emitting diodes are the optimum choice. The working tension of LED modules as it was mentioned earlier, makes 10-12B. It is obvious that at a low voltage it is not required to apply wires of big section with strong isolation. It also facilitates connection of light-emitting diodes to the power supply network. Gas-discharge tubes, unlike light-emitting diodes, have an operation threshold: that the light source lit up, at the beginning it is necessary to give necessary tension on the category. 
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LED lamps semiconductor
LED lamps semiconductor
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