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LED searchlight of L0101M 60X0,06W LED 220V BLACK buy in Almaty
Buy LED searchlight of L0101M 60X0,06W LED 220V BLACK
LED searchlight of L0101M 60X0,06W LED 220V BLACK

LED searchlight of L0101M 60X0,06W LED 220V BLACK

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Technical characteristics
  • Type of lampLED lamp
LED searchlights are excellent alternative to traditional light sources. Their main characteristics:
Long term of operation. The light-emitting diode is calculated on average on 70-100 thousand hours of continuous work. Economic expense of the electric power. Due to this property light-emitting diode a searchlight are irreplaceable where the set of illuminants is required at the limited allocated power. Security from mechanical damages, t.k in a design of LED searchlights is not present glass flasks. Safety for people and environment. Light-emitting diodes are made without use of harmful substances. Instant ignition - ability at failures of food to join almost instantly. This property does light-emitting diode a searchlight irreplaceable in emergency systems of lighting. Not maintainability. After installation light-emitting diodes practically do not need further maintenance. High efficiency. LED searchlights practically do not spend efficiency for air heating. They are classified by protection level as follows: - IP 44 - searchlights for internal use; - IP65 - searchlights for street use; - IP67 - protection level for soil searchlights; - IP68 - protection level for underwater searchlights.
example of a LED searchlight
Light-emitting diode a searchlight are classified by a case configuration on:
linear, used for illumination of facades; square by means of which illumination of billboards, billboards, banners is provided; round a searchlight of the directed luminescence, used for subject illumination of architectural forms. On color light-emitting diode a searchlight there are white warm, white cold, yellow, blue, red, green, RGB. LED searchlights are used for illumination of warehouses, industrial and shopping facilities, for decorative light registration of architectural constructions and landscapes. The possibility of creation of the light game RGB is widely used for illumination of trees and fountains. Electrical safety of LED searchlights does them irreplaceable when lighting pools. Even more often they are used for illumination of facades and columns of houses, the museums, hotels, theaters, shopping centers. They are ideally suited for creation of the esthetic atmosphere. As they do not demand frequent replacement, they can be established in hard-to-reach spots. LED searchlights happen static and mobile. Illumination of dynamic character provides change of combinations of length and an orientation of beams. At the expense of it it is possible to turn covering of architectural object into light show, presenting the commercial building in favorable advertizing light.
It should be noted that the light-emitting diode is capable to provide high-quality covering of both small, and big object. At exhibitions and in the museums the LED searchlight will favourably emphasize gloss of jewels and metals, richness of shades of pictures. Mobility of LED searchlights does them very demanded at illumination of a scene. A searchlight with anti-vandal properties are widely used in housing and communal services. By means of LED searchlights it is possible to provide competent functioning of traffic. Their bright high-quality lighting is irreplaceable also on walking paths
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LED searchlight of L0101M 60X0,06W LED 220V BLACK
LED searchlight of L0101M 60X0,06W LED 220V BLACK
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