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Lime extinguished (pushonka), THOSE

Lime extinguished (pushonka), THOSE

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Technical characteristics
  • Type of limeSlaked (Hydrate)

Lime extinguished represents powder of white color, badly soluble in water, the strong basis, reacts with acids (neutralization reaction) with formation of the corresponding salts of calcium. Density is 2.211 g/cm ³. Temperature of melting is 512 °C. Chemical formula: Ca(OH)2 Receive by calcium oxide interaction (not extinguished lime) with water, process received the name "lime clearing". When clearing lime a significant amount of warmth, the making 65 kJ is allocated for 1 mol, or 1160 kJ on 1 kg of oxide of calcium. At the same time temperature of the extinguished lime can reach such values at which not only boiling of water, but also ignition of a tree is possible. Lime classification. Construction lime depending on conditions of curing is subdivided on air, providing curing of construction solutions and concrete and preservation of durability by them in air and dry conditions, and on hydraulic, providing curing of construction solutions and concrete and preservation of durability by them both on air, and in water. Air not extinguished lime depending on content of calcium oxides in it and magnesium is subdivided on calcic, magnesian and dolomitic. Air lime is subdivided on not extinguished and hydrate (extinguished), received by clearing of calcic, magnesian and dolomitic lime. Hydraulic lime is subdivided on slabogidravlichesky and silnogidravlichesky. On fractional structure lime is subdivided on lump, including shredded, and powdery. The powdery lime received by grind or clearing (hydration) of lump lime is subdivided into lime without additives and with additives. Construction not extinguished lime on time of clearing is subdivided on fast - extinguished - no more than 8 min. , srednegasyashchuyusya - no more than 25 min. , medlennogasyashchuyusya - more than 25 min.
Use of extinguished lime. When whitewashing rooms; When whitewashing wooden fences and an obmazyvaniya of rafters - for protection against rotting and ignition; For preparation of limy construction solution. Lime was applied to a construction laying since ancient times; For preparation of silicate concrete; For elimination of carbonate hardness of water (water softening); For production of chloric lime; For production of limy fertilizers; Kaustifikation of a carbonate of sodium and potassium; Tanning of skin; Receiving other compounds of calcium, neutralization of sour solutions (including sewage of productions), receiving organic acids, etc. ; In the food industry it is registered as a food additive of E526; Lime water - transparent solution of hydroxide of calcium. It is used for detection of carbon dioxide; - weigh limy milk (suspension) of hydroxide of calcium in water, white and opaque. It is used for production of sugar and preparation of mixes for fight against diseases of plants, whitewashing of trunks;

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Lime extinguished (pushonka), THOSE
Lime extinguished (pushonka), THOSE
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