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Liquid for gas station of the electronic Liqua cigarettes buy in Almaty
Buy Liquid for gas station of the electronic Liqua cigarettes
Liquid for gas station of the electronic Liqua cigarettes

Liquid for gas station of the electronic Liqua cigarettes

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Liquid for the electronic Liqua cigarettes, one of the Most popular liquids for gas station. Faultless quality and appearance. Existence of the certificate of quality of FDA and use of culinary aromas from the most famous Italian producer of FlavorArt.

In existence tens of new and already fallen in love tastes with any content of nicotine.

Strawberry, Citrus Mix, Berry mix Traditional tobacco, Apple and td.

And also new tastes:

Vanilla, Mints, Energy, Cola, Chocolate.

The description of liquid for the electronic Liqua cigarettes and a popularity rating.

At once we will tell that taste business especially individual therefore the provided information on the basis of our opinion in comparison with popularity at clients.

It is important. To understand true taste in an electronic cigarette it is better to use "fresh" (ideally the new evaporator). Since on the evaporator there can be a taste(s) shade which you used earlier if you use the evaporator any time taste also can be not pure since on the evaporator the deposit can begin to be formed. Also taste is influenced by the content of nicotine i.e. than less nicotine especially expressed will be aroma.

It is recommended the joye Ego-C, e-Cab or e-Roll cigarettes as the models which are well transferring purity of taste.

Liquids for electronic cigarettes Tobacco tastes:

Traditional Tobacco Tradishnl Tobakko No. 1 in popularity among tobacco tastes at Liqua.

The name speaks for itself, classical tobacco taste. Pleasant and fragrant. Nothing superfluous, well is suitable for the first acquaintance and for use for every day.

American Tobacco Amerikan Tobbako No. 2 in popularity among tobacco tastes.

Also pleasant aroma which should be tried.

Brayt Tobakko Bright Tobacco No. 3 interesting, but less popular taste. Light tobacco aroma and not persuasive.

Turkish Tobacco No. 4 for fans to experiment and try new, taste tobacco, but has east or hookah shades.

Cuban Cigar Tobacco specific taste which has few admirers

French Pipe Tobacco also not popular taste.

Liquids for electronic cigarettes Popular tastes:

Berry Mix Berry Mix. Fragrant taste of berries with pleasant sourness.

Vanilla Vanilla. In our opinion the best liquid with taste of vanilla from all producers of which we tried. Aroma pure and pleasant.

Cola Cola. Very successful taste of Coca, also one of the best. With pleasure "smoke" even those who do not drink Cola, saying what to smoke more tasty!

Mint Mint. Also successful and popular taste. It is impossible to compare to menthol. Reminds taste of a mint chewing gum like Orbit rather. Fragrant and not persuasive.

Strawberry Strawberry. Fragrant and tasty cheesecake. Not too persuasive not too sweet.

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Liquid for gas station of the electronic Liqua cigarettes
Liquid for gas station of the electronic Liqua cigarettes
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