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Low prices of Gazobloki, ecoblock, blocks wall buy in Aktobe
Buy Low prices of Gazobloki, ecoblock, blocks wall
Low prices of Gazobloki, ecoblock, blocks wall

Low prices of Gazobloki, ecoblock, blocks wall

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Gas-blocks - the Gas concrete represents material with evenly distributed air closed pores. The gas concrete is a high-quality, eco-friendly construction material. It possesses unique stoykostny, chemical and physical properties as a normal stone, and when processing it is better, than a tree. The gas concrete is very simple in work, easily gives in to processing, gives the chance to easily put up walls of a difficult configuration. At the expense of the exact sizes and the correct form it is easy to put a gas concrete. The surface of ready walls is easily processed due to roughness.

Having chosen our gas-blocks as construction material, you not only will save means, reduce terms of construction of the future house, but also receive the environmentally friendly and energy saving house.

High-quality construction or reconstruction of the house, irrespective of number of storeys, depends on a set of the making factors. The basic is the choice of materials and methods of performance of construction works. At the same time the house has to be the most energy saving, reliable and environmentally friendly. In modern economy, at continuous growth of cost of the electric power and fuel, it is very important to use energy saving materials. Such construction material is the gas concrete which possesses at the same time properties of a tree and a stone. The gas concrete is made in more than 50 countries of the world today and surely forces out traditional materials, such as a brick, a tree and heavy concrete.

Now in construction of houses ready blocks are used. Make thin and strong plates for construction of bearing walls of a gas concrete. Plates from a gas concrete are steady against loadings and are convenient in fastening. For concrete belts, beams and basic sites for panels use U-blocks. As a result of construction of walls from a gas concrete the design turns out very strong without cracks. For connection of gas-blocks use solution or mineral glue.

Gas-blocks are convenient and economic in construction. The gas-concrete block weighing 15 kg replaces 8 bricks weighing 35 kg. Besides, the expense on connecting mixes and labor costs when laying blocks is reduced, the cost of costs of construction decreases.

At construction from a gas concrete it is important to determine thickness of walls precisely. It is necessary to consider climatic conditions of the region, and also a land relief. The strong base is necessary for the house from gas-blocks. In work and processing the gas concrete is very simple, it can be sawn or shtrabit any cutting tool. Cost is as a result reduced by finishing and installation of engineering networks. Architects and builders can only be glad to features of a gas concrete as construction of any configuration of walls and internal rooms, various finishing of a facade of buildings and constructions is possible.

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Low prices of Gazobloki, ecoblock, blocks wall
Low prices of Gazobloki, ecoblock, blocks wall
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