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Luke Polimerpeschany, type "L", 3 tn

Luke Polimerpeschany, type "L", 3 tn

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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureKazakhstan
  • PurposeDomestic and industrial sewage
  • MaterialPolymer-sand mixture
  • Hatch makeА15
  • ColorBlack
  • Maximum Load2 - 2.5 t

Polimerpeschany hatches: alternative to heavy pig - iron hatches

Polimerpeschany hatches represent the latest development more and more broadly applied in viewing wells of water supply, sewer, thermal and telephone networks as an alternative to hatches from cast iron. The hatches of this type manufactured of polimerpeschany (polimerkompozitny) mix by hot pressing most often are used in places of green plantings and within the pedestrian zone.

The main advantage of such hatches consisting in their unfitness as scrap metal and, therefore, in minimizing of their facts hishcheniyayu. It is reached thanks to the fact that initial materials for their production are the dry sand and plastic (PND and PVD) used in a proportion 7: 3. The similar hatch can have any color, thanks to the pigment added in the course of its production.

Advantages of polimerpeschany hatches

Solving a problem of plunders what it was told above about, hatches of this type have serious advantages economically as their prime cost is much lower, than at their traditional pig - iron analogs. Moreover, polimerpeschany hatches possess and considerable a big estheticism as the color integrated into their structure by means of various pigments allows to enter them in almost any installation site, without bringing at the same time any color disharmony.

From the point of view of durability, such products do not lose to pig - iron at all. As their production is arranged in various options of execution, they can be established in any places with various sizes of superficial loading: from lawns and walking paths to the carriageway of streets with brisk car traffic.

For detection of the hatch in winter time when their search is extremely complicated under an ice layer or snow, polimerpeschany hatches are reinforced that does them easily detectable by means of metal detectors.

It should be noted especially that these composite hatches completely answer all existing sanitary standards and are completely safe in the ecological relation.

Other advantages inherent in polimerpeschany viewing hatches, are:

  • the big duration of term of operation exceeding 20 years;
  • insignificant weight, often twice smaller, than at pig - iron analogs;
  • resistance to temperature influences and preservation of operational properties in the range of temperatures from - 60 to + 60os;
  • stability in relation to external aggressive influences and, therefore, lack of oxidation with formation of a rust;
  • stability of the coloring integrated into structure of the hatch and lack of the phenomenon of burning out under the influence of sunshine;
  • lower noisiness when passing city transport in comparison with the concrete hatches rattling owing to a leaky prileganiye to a well frame;
  • the low heat conductivity excluding frost penetration in wells, and also protecting passersby from thermal injuries in case of allocation in wells of hot vapors;
  • lack of conductivity that represents protection of people and animals against probable malfunctions of electric equipment located in wells;
  • permeability for radio waves thanks to what functioning of the devices installed in viewing wells and needing exchange of information with land devices (counters, flowmeters, etc. ) is ensured;
  • possibility of personalisation or drawing information of advertizing character.

The tests which are carried out on polimerpeschany hatches yielded the following results:

  • test for water absorption (in accordance with GOST 7025 - 91) – 0,8% ;
  • test on an istirayemost (in accordance with GOST 13087 - 81) – 0,04 - 0,06 g/cm2;
  • test for frost resistance (in accordance with GOST 10060.1 - 95) – F 900.

Types of polimerpeschany hatches on loading classes

Now three types of polimerpeschany viewing hatches are generally made:

Hatches of easy type (type L)

Hatches of this type can be installed on the viewing wells located in green plantings in house adjoining territories, within sidewalks and recreation areas (squares, parks). The nominal loading transferred by them makes 6 tons.

Hatches of average type (like C)

Hatches of S type are subject to installation on wells of any types located on the carriageway of streets within a residential zone and also on parkings. The rated load on such hatches makes 12 tons.

Hatches of heavy type (type T)

Hatches of T type can cover various viewing wells on any engineering communications located within the city roads which are not relating to main. The rated load on hatches of T type makes about 25 tons.

Thus, polimerpeschany hatches for viewing wells represent an interesting and favorable alternative to classical pig - iron hatches, without being inferior to the last on many indicators, and often and surpassing them in many properties.

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Luke Polimerpeschany, type "L", 3 tn
Luke Polimerpeschany, type "L", 3 tn
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