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Magnetodigit pumps of VARIAN firm buy in Almaty

Magnetodigit pumps of VARIAN firm

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Since the end of the 1950th years, when magnetodigit pumps were developed by Varian firm, many changes were made to them and considerable technical improvements are made. Actually, and further the most part of innovations was offered by specialists of Varian firm, starting with the first diode scheme of the ionic pump, then the triode scheme with its most effective patented modification of StarCell, and also family of the pumps VacIon Plus. VacIon Plus are the complete (full) line of ionic pumps, controllers, options and additional accessories developed for ensuring requirements of the industry and science. Such parameters as working range of pressure, composition of the pumped-out mix of gases and the maximum starting pressure of the pump can vary so considerably that one ionic pump cannot become the best decision in everyone concrete a case. It is the main reason why there is no "general" ionic pump and for each appendix it is necessary to select the pump with suitable characteristics. In addition, there is a need for "the complete decision" on ionic pumping which includes: controller, various options and additional accessories to providing all requirements of the appendix. A series ionic nasosovvacion Plus includes Diode, NobleDiode and StarCell versions, and also kontrolleryminivac, MidiVac and Dual. Are developed for increase in speed of pumping combinational the titan - sublimation pumps (TSP).
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