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Mammography digital Helianthus/Helianthus Bym system (Metaltronica, Italy) buy in Almaty
Buy Mammography digital Helianthus/Helianthus Bym system (Metaltronica, Italy)
Mammography digital Helianthus/Helianthus Bym system (Metaltronica, Italy)

Mammography digital Helianthus/Helianthus Bym system (Metaltronica, Italy)

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The mammography full-size digital Helianthus Bym system of the known global manufacturer of Metaltronica, Italy who is one of world leaders in production of x-ray systems for mammography today is equipped with a lung completely motorized an isocentric C-shaped support (with vertical and circular movement) and the convenient console of management that the mammary gland allowing to carry out pictures in all projections.

The system is reliable and provides high quality of images and comfort for the patient at a low exposure dose. Also the system can be added with the digital device for a stereotaxic biopsy of BYM 3D FFDM.

High-precision digital flat panel detector. Use of amorphous selenium allows to achieve the maximum ratio "signal noise" and higher performance in comparison with other known technologies. Thanks to amorphous selenium x-ray emission will directly be transformed to electric charges without the intermediate stage of transformation of x-ray energy to the public.

Helianthus Bym represent a full range of decisions for mammography which can be used when carrying out researches on detection of a breast cancer, and also for diagnostic procedures.

New system of a compression "μPress" which will allow to make correctly and at the same time more comfortably a compression, the safe and convenient, strengthened and steady compression depending on features of a breast with the minimum discomfort of the patient.

The maximum comfort of the patient is also reached due to modern design of a compression pedal with smooth bends and straight lines.

Technical characteristics:


Linear tension

220/230/240 In alternating current  of ±10% 50/60 Hz


6.6 kVA (0.5 kVA in a waiting mode)

Absorption current

30 A peak

Quantity of phases

1 or 2 it (is configured)


Stationary installation (IEC 60601-1 standard)

Wall connection

20 A safety lock or Thermomagnetic automatic switch

Main resistance

<0.50 Ω


Compensation of linear tension


The high-voltage generator with the closed cycle and the line of kV

Compensation of direct feedback

Inverter frequency

50 kHz

Pulsation/Amplitude frequency

100 kHz <2%

Power output of the generator

5 kW (0.1 c)

Nominal electric power

4.7 kW =135 ma*35 kV

Range of kV

20 / 35 kV

(20 / 40 kV optionally)

Permission of kV (Manual and automatic mode)

0.5 kV


Speed of anode rotation

3000 rpm.

10000 rpm (optionally)

Anode mirror material


Maximum heat content of the anode

225 kJ (300 thousand. Those)

Maximum speed of cooling of the anode

750 W (60 thousand. That/min.)

Maximum heat content of a X-ray tube

320 kJ (425 thousand. Those)


Technology of the detector

Amorphous selenium (a-Se)

Thickness of a selenic layer

200 μм

Body sizes

27,8x26,8 cm (format of 18x24 cm)

35,9x34,6 cm (format of 24x30 cm)

Covering of upper part

Carbon fiber of 0.1 mm in Al ekviv.

Pixel step

85x85 μм

Active area

17,2x23,9 cm (format of 18x24 cm)

23,9x30,5 cm (format of 24x30 cm)

Image matrix

2016x2816=5677056 (format of 18x24 cm)

2816x3584=10092544 (format of 24x30 cm)

Image depth

16 bits


Focal length

66 cm

Motorized movements

Vertical and rotation

(Rotation +/-15 °C of BYM 3D FFDM)

Range of vertical movement (from a floor)

85 cm (from 75 to 160 cm)

Speed of vertical movement of a with-shaped support

47 mm/sec.

Range of rotation of a with-shaped support

+/-180 °

Speed of rotation of a with-shaped support

90 °/8 sec.

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Mammography digital Helianthus/Helianthus Bym system (Metaltronica, Italy)
Mammography digital Helianthus/Helianthus Bym system (Metaltronica, Italy)
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