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Mask professional for Neutrol hair buy in Almaty
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Mask professional for Neutrol hair

Mask professional for Neutrol hair

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandLisap
  • ManufacturerLisap
  • Country of manufactureItaly
Neutrol the Mask ideal means for the dry and injured hair, has the feeding and conditioning effect.

Volume is 1 kg.

Name Characteristics



Niatsinamid (B3 vitamin)

tsetearit spir

Lemon acid

(Citric Acid)

glitserit steart


Oil jojoba

Polikvaternium 7

the hydrolyzed soy protein

Tsetrimonium chloride

Almond oil contains glycerides olein, linoleic, linolenovy, heptadecanoic, arakhinovoy, eykosadiyenovy acids, enzyme emulsin, vitamins E, B2 and F, albumens. Almond oil regulates permeability of an epidermalny barrier, lipidic and water balance of skin, intensifies processes of cell regeneration. Thanks to the high content of oleic acid, it is quickly soaked up in skin, calms and softens it.
Almond oil is a powerful growth factor and strengthenings of hair, feeds their roots and does hair strong, brilliant and elastic.

possesses the unique moistening and softening properties

The preparation compensates for the deficiency of vitamin E and has antioxidant effect.

stimulates growth of hair, carries out functions of the moistening agent. Result: hair receive more nutrients and quicker grow. He is responsible for formation of pigments in hair

As an emuldigatora-softener

The organic acid which is present at all citrus fruit possesses knitting and antioxidant properties, level rn balances.

Touch feature of this emulsifier is that emulsions to the touch very easy, soft, with the expressed feeling of moistening;

Silicone. Tonic Thanks to the functional properties gives silkiness to texture

includes amino acids and a protein. One of the best means for leaving for volosamilyuby type, especially painted, dry and fragile.

In hair care products Polikvaternium 7 is capable: to reduce a statics and an unruliness, to facilitate damp and dry combing, to increase gloss, softness and durability of hair. The conditioning additive, gives them additional volume, provides a good form to a hairdress. It is evenly distributed on hair and facilitates combing, removes an electrostatic charge.

Besides, it is the concentrated polymer which gives thickness to hair and does not make heavier them. Does hair streaming and protects from influence of harmful factors of surrounding

They effectively restore structure of the injured hair, Hair at the same time gain gloss, durability and their structure is leveled.

Admits the highly active looking after biologically active agent forming the protective leveling film on a surface of hair; in addition it facilitates combing of wet hair and interferes with their static electrization

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Mask professional for Neutrol hair
Mask professional for Neutrol hair
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