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MDF Aura plus Facade Opaque facade patina Gold

MDF Aura plus Facade Opaque facade patina Gold

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MDF the Facade the Opaque facade patina Gold Production of MDF of colored facades – one of activities of AURA plus LLP. In the production we use paints and varnishes of the Italian company "SAYERLACK".
Colored the Facade represent a basis from MDF on which on difficult technologies acrylic dyes and varnishes with the subsequent polishing are applied. At choice of the customer the big range of flowers and shades of paints according to the RAL catalogs, or on a company kolerovochnik of SAYERLACK is represented what will allow to make them unique.
RAL – a scale of flowers of painting:
Attention! Because of various settings of monitors the displayed colors are not a standard.
Painted the Facade can be from various materials – MDF, glass, metal, LDSP, and a covering - glossy with a protective varnish, opaque, with application of special effects - "krakolt" (effect of cracks), the "nacre", "metallic", "star sky" patinated.
All paint and varnish production is developed on the basis of the new environmentally friendly products which are not containing active solvents and conforms to the European requirements for environment protection.
The full range of flowers, shades and effects will allow to embody any technical solutions in the conditions of the growing requirements of the market meeting desires and imaginations of clients, for example, bent the Facade.
Bent the Facade are issued in the following options:
standard (2 radiuses) – 300 mm and 350 mm and up to 850 mm high (concave and convex);
non-standard – absolutely exclusive configuration of facades – full-volume, concave, convex, radiuses from 50 mm and up to 2800 mm high.
Advantages of colored facades of MDF
Colored the Facade of MDF have a set of advantages and only one shortcoming: they belong to the category of expensive furniture facades.
Their price is considered the main lack of colored facades of MDF – they get to the price range of expensive facades.
But if to consider the production technology of such facade, then it becomes clear from where rather high price undertakes: for production of qualitative colored facades of MDF not the brush, but the expensive import equipment and environmentally friendly paints and varnishes is used at all.
The first difference of colored facades of MDF which is evident to any buyer is undoubted external originality of such facades. By means of colored facades of MDF it is possible to create unique interior designs.
But external appeal is not the only advantage of colored facades of MDF. The main problem of many furniture facades – weak resistance to influence of high humidity and differences of temperatures. Therefore the majority of facades is not recommended to be operated in aggressive conditions of kitchens or bathrooms. But only not colored MDF Facade! These the Facade are absolutely steady both against humidity, and against temperature differences, and against influence of a solar ultraviolet. They do not inflate, do not crack and do not fade even in kitchen with the hostess who likes to cook.
One more plus of colored facades of MDF – they do not absorb smells. For use in kitchen furniture it is important advantage.
What are colored MDF Facade
Colored the Facade of MDF can be any. They are made both direct, and bent (curvilinear) with a coloring for every taste and desire, on any imagination of the designer. A color line of colored facades of MDF are hundreds of options which are capable to satisfy the most captious buyer.

Besides, colored the Facade of MDF coverings differ by the form. It can be opaque or glossy with use of a protective varnish. Also at production of colored facades of MDF various special effects are used. The most popular options – a metallic, pearls, nacre, a chameleon. For persons interested to create solid interior design with a noble raid of old times are offered colored MDF Facade with effect of aging (patinated the Facade).

Colored MDF Facade: why it is expensive
The technology of putting dyes on a plate of MDF is rather difficult; receiving a qualitative colored facade of MDF requires almost space accuracy. After putting paints and varnishes the facade is polished. So if to put technological difficulties of production of colored facades of MDF, goodness and environmental friendliness of expendables, then becomes clear why such the Facade belong to the elite price category. And the production technology allows to receive not just beautiful furniture facade, but reliable, durable, esthetic and ecologically safe facade.
In the market there are offers of colored facades of MDF and from handicraft producers. Such offers are rather cheap, but these the Facade are deprived of all advantages of the real colored facades of MDF, except an original bright coloring. Violations of technological process and use of cheap paints and varnishes are done furniture by the Facade of handicraft work short-lived, unstable to moisture and temperature differences. As a result they do not justify even reduction of price in comparison with the real qualitative colored facades of MDF.
We cover the Facade only with eco-friendly paint without impurity which can do harm to health. A various color coloring, possibilities of a combination of flowers and facades from MDF is what we can recommend to you today.

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MDF Aura plus Facade Opaque facade patina Gold
MDF Aura plus Facade Opaque facade patina Gold
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