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Menu and bookle

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Booklets and menu: it is useful and is substantial

More difficult advertizing carrier, than the simple leaflet – the booklet. Production of booklets differs from printing of leaflets in postprinting processing. The booklet can be difficult (sfaltsovan) in one or two bends.

For production of booklets both the digital, and offset printing is used, it depends on production circulation. In the booklet both parties (4+4) are by all means sealed, after a folding the product develops.

Types of addition of booklets

• The simplest type of addition – in one bend. The bend can be both on long, and on the short party.

• Two bends allow to diversify a form – after a folding leaves can be put inside or "accordion".

• The bigger quantity of bends meets not so often. But such advertizing production will always attract attention.

We make printing of booklets big and small circulations, with all possible options of postprinting finishing. Works are performed on the modern equipment. To calculate the cost of standard booklets, use the calculator. For calculation of non-standard advertizing production address the manager – by phone or Skype.

The menu – a special type of printed materials

The menu at restaurant or cafe changes rather often. Therefore the digital press in this case – an optimal variant both at the price, and on quality. Circulation of the menu usually small therefore production does not take a lot of time.

• If you constantly print at us the menu, give to the designer a template and coordinate a way of information transfer for the new version – then you will be able to make all order by phone. we will print your new menu and on the same day we will send it to you.

What it is important to consider

• Replaceable leaves. If you have special folders in which you put leaves with the menu, then it is enough to take care of company design and bright registration. Paper can be not the most dense – especially if leaves invest in transparent files.

• The menu in the form of the booklet. In such type of the menu is exposed to very big loadings – the leaf will be constantly developed. Therefore such menu should be printed on dense paper and to laminate on both sides.

Design of booklets

To develop design of booklets or menu our designer can. If you send us to e-mail materials in advance, preparation of design will take less time. Anyway, the designer will be engaged in your order until you do not receive option which will satisfy you.

If you have a ready model, send it to us by mail – it will accelerate work on your order.

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Menu and bookle
Menu and bookle
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