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Reliable control of the thermal mode of inhabited and production rooms, overall performance of power - intensive technological installations demand application

modern heat - insulating materials.

The main requirements imposed to these materials: firmness at high temperatures, fire safety (incombustibility), lack of gas emission when heating, the low density and durability in the conditions of variable thermal and climatic loadings. Much lower than 100 kV/hour on 1 sq. m a year demand construction of new buildings with a specific expense of thermal energy in wide scales of use of heat - insulating materials with long (25 and more years) service life.

Originally basalt superthin fiber was studied, issued and used in war industry. Because of the properties everything the made BSTV in our country first of all went on needs of the defensive industry, generally for an avia - and shipbuilding. The fact is, for example, use of fiber in a design of the Soviet piloted ship "Union 19" which in 1975 docked on Earth orbit with the American ship "ApoIIon".

The undoubted advantage of BSTV is its durability, lack of releases of toxic substances, resistance to influence of active chemical components, a possibility of use in combination with any types of materials. In a number of parameters, essential to building materials — the thermal and chemical cost, stability of phase structure — mineral basalt wool surpasses the similar fibrous materials received from waste of domain productions (SLAG WOOL) and raw materials of glass productions (GLASS WOOL).

Basalt fiber is the material XXI centuries. Today production from BSTV has a wide scope: thermal insulation of heating mains, heat and sound insulation of objects of civil and industrial engineering, the industrial equipment, an avia - a car - shipbuilding. In any designs where the heater is not exposed to considerable mechanical loadings: for warming of stacked and frame houses, overlappings, including garret, floors on logs, under cellars, false ceilings, mansard rooms, and also in a design of partitions and overlappings for improvement of their sound - proof properties. Scope of BSTV constantly extends: thermal insulation for powerful power and koksogenny installations, their sound insulation; fibers of small diameter are used as filters for gases and liquids, sorbents, carriers of catalysts in chemical reactors. Basalt fiber and fabrics and other composite materials made of it successfully replace metals in various hostile environment and in areas of high temperatures. Application of BSTV for decrease in losses of cold is effective (to - 2000 C) since the cost of receiving unit of cold is about 20 times higher than receiving unit of heat.

The mineral plate on the basis of BSTV has excellent technical characteristics at the acceptable cost that provides a big scope in construction. The mineral plate belongs to group of difficult combustible materials, keeps the properties for many years. Has the good durability, corrosion stability, easily gives in to cutting that allows to make easier laying of a heat - insulation layer.

The mineral plate on the basis of BSTV is applied as thermal insulation in the horizontal protecting designs, in the easy protecting designs of frame type (as a heat - insulation layer a sandwich panels), in roofing coverings, for heat of isolation of the industrial equipment, thermal and refrigerating units. The maximum temperature of the isolated surface 1000 C.


— solves problems of decrease in heatlosses thanks to rather small value of coefficient of heat conductivity. For comparison on heat conductivity of 10 cm of a mineral plate replaces 1 meter of a bricklaying;

— has good acoustic properties;

— treats group not of combustible construction materials;

— practically does not absorb moisture (no more than 1,5% on volume);

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