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Mobile x-ray devices Philips Practix 360, Kazakhstan buy in Almaty

Mobile x-ray devices Philips Practix 360, Kazakhstan

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Philips Practix 360 — the mobile x-ray device providing permanently high quality of x-ray pictures in the conditions of a hospital.

This easy, compact and inexpensive device of a unique design is equipped with four rotary wheels which allow to move it in any direction. It is easy for them to maneuver in narrow corridors and between close located ranks of beds.

The device is calculated on long service life and allows to carry out all standard x-ray researches.

Besides, it is equipped with a set of special functions thanks to which it becomes the ideal decision for diagnostic testings in pediatrics.

Technical support of the device is provided with the international service Philips network which helps customers to operate the device with the maximum loading and productivity.

Main advantages

• Fast and simple access to the patient thanks to exclusively high maneuverability and simple management.
• Full range of standard x-ray researches and researches in pediatrics with exclusively high quality of images.
• No-failure operation of the device thanks to a reliable design and technical support of the international service network of the Philips company.
• Excellent quality of diagnostic images in pediatrics at small time of an exposition and the small size of a focal spot.
• Simple maneuvering by the device moving on freely rotating wheels of the increased size
• The laser index of distance of 100 cm from a source to the image allows to position a x-ray tube quickly.
• Convenient maneuvering by the device by means of the handle of management of wheels allowing to block them at any moment.
• Simple management of system by means of easily cleared control panel with intuitively clear arrangement of various elements.

The device weighs 30% less than other systems of this kind; for convenience of movement the convenient handle is provided

The device can be installed in a bed end face — in the most comfortable position for x-ray research of bodies of a chest cavity.

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