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MP-90 hydromotor

MP-90 hydromotor

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  • BrandСервисМашСтрой KZ
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We realize the following hydromotors and hydraulic pumps, pump units from a warehouse: MG unregulated hydromotor 2.12/32. B (, 210E.12.01,, MG 2.12/32.1. B (, 210E.12.00,, unregulated hydraulic pump of MG 2.12/32.3. In (, 211E.12.01,, MG 2.12/32.4. In (, 211E.12L.01, lion), MG 2.12/32.5. In (, 211E.12.00,, MG 2.12/32.6. In (, 211E.12L.00, lion), the MG unregulated hydromotor 2.28/32.7. B (310., 210E.28.01,, MG 2.28/32.1. B (310., 210E.28.00,, unregulated hydraulic pump of MG 2.28/32.8. In (310., 211E.28.01,, MG 2.28/32.9. In (310., 211E.28L.01, lion), MG 2.28/32.5. In (310., 211E.28.00,, MG 2.28/32.6. In (310., 211E.28L.00, lion), MH 56/32 (310. unregulated hydromotor, unregulated hydraulic pump of MH 56/32.3 (310., MH 56/32.4 (310., MH 2.56/32 (310. unregulated hydromotor, unregulated hydraulic pump of MH 2.56/32.3 (310., MH 2.56/32.4 (310., unregulated MH 0.56/32 (310.56.00.06), MH 0.56/32.1 (310.56.01.06) hydromotor, unregulated hydraulic pump of MH 0.56/32.3 (310.56.03.06), MH 0.56/32.4 (310.56.04.06), MG unregulated hydromotor 80/32 (310., unregulated hydraulic pump of MG 80/32.3 (310., MG 80/32.4 (310., MG unregulated hydromotor 112/32 (310., unregulated hydraulic pump of MG 112/32.3 (310., MG 112/32.4 (310., MG unregulated hydromotor 2.112/32 (310., unregulated hydraulic pump of MG 2.112/32.3 (310., MG 2.112/32.4 (310., MG unregulated hydromotor 0.112/32 (310.112.00.06), MG 0.112/32.1 (310.112.01.06), unregulated hydraulic pump of MG 0.112/32.3 (310.112.03.06), MG 0.112/32.4 (310.112.04.06), unregulated hydromotor 310., unregulated hydraulic pump 310., 310., MH 250/160 unregulated hydromotor, MGP 112/32 adjustable hydromotor (303.3.112.501, 303.3.112.501.002), MG1D 112/32 (303.3.112.220), MGE 112/32 (303.3.112.503), 303.3.112.241, 303.3.112.242, 303.112.1000, 303.3.56.501, adjustable hydraulic pump 313., pump unit 313., pump unit 313.3.55.557.303, pump unit 313.3.55.557.403, pump unit 313.3.55.557.483, pump units 313.56.50.04, 313., pump unit 313., 313., pump unit 313.3.107.597.403, pump unit 313.112.50.04, pump unit 313., pump units 313.3.112.507.303, 313.3.112.557.303, pump unit 313.3.112.577.303, pump unit 313.3.112.597.303, pump unit 313.3.112.507.403, pump unit 313.3.112.557.403, pump unit 313.3.112.577.403, pump unit 313.3.112.597.403, pump unit 313.3.160.507.403, pump units 313.3.160.557.403, 313.3.160.577.403, pump unit 313.3.160.597.403, pump unit 313., pump units 333., 333., 333.7.112

The hydromotor (or the hydraulic motor) — the difficult hydraulic device intended for transformation of energy of a stream of liquid in mechanical which influences the working mechanism (usually output shaft) subsequently.

Thanks to the fact that the hydromotor provides powerful power influence it is used in those branches where this function is especially demanded: the aircraft, the space industry, gas, oil branches, in many industries etc. of Gidromotora of our producers are established on the hydropress, auto-loaders, bulldozers, excavators, on rolling devices and other equipment. Hydromotors work according to the set schemes preventing an overload of the mechanism and, respectively, its exit out of operation.
We are ready to provide you hydromotors of various brands and classifications (aksialno — piston adjustable and unregulated).

You can ustanavlivit the hydromotors delivered by us on various cars, our hydromotors are used in the opened or closed systems. Each such knot has the features, merits and demerits proceeding from which it is applied in a certain field of activity. For example, use of gear hydromotors is justified in mobile cars with a small power and average pressure in a hydraulic system, in view of smaller insistence to purity of working liquid and smaller cost. The axial and piston type is applied at an average or a high pressure and cyclic nature of change of external loading.

The main characteristics of the hydromotor are:
- working volume (V),
- nominal pressure (number P),
- nominal frequency of rotation (number n).

Derivative characteristics of the hydromotor:
- productivity, or giving (number Q),
- power consumption (number N),

At operation of the hydromotor it is necessary to control temperature of working liquid in knot and the motor temperature, pressure, to watch tightness and that work was not followed by extraneous noises. The special attention should be paid to working liquid: it has to correspond to specifics of the device in which it is used.

At a hydromotor exit out of operation it is originally sorted to establish the breakage reason. Then dismantle of the worn-out details is made (the shaking knot, bearings, a shaft, distributive washer and so forth). It is necessary to wash out the case carefully. At installation of new details it is necessary to carry out scrupulously and qualitatively their adjustment, to observe tightness. Diagnostics is carried out at the special stand which imitates operating conditions.

Prevention of the hydromotor, as we know, is the best means serving durability. Therefore it is necessary to carry out systematic diagnostics of the hydromotor. In connection with complexity of the mechanism, its repair is carried out by qualified specialists in the workshops equipped with the equipment.

And also available remkomplekta on all hydraulic cylinders

We work only directly with producers across all Russia that to pozvolyaetobespechit existence of the full range of original spare parts for truck cranes "Resident of Ivanovo", "Galichanin", "Klintsy", "Uglichmash", "Resident of Chelyabinsk", etc. from the leading manufacturers at the lowest prices.

You will be able to buy at the favorable prices practically any spare parts for domestic truck cranes concerning a truck crane hydraulic actuator (pumps, hydromotors), elements of not rotary part of the truck crane (a frame not rotary), frames rotary with mechanisms, boom oborudovny, drives of management of crane operations, electric equipment, devices of safety (OGM240-18, OGM240-14, ONK-M, ONK-140, ONK-160) for the crane and many other things.

Possessing a big warehouse of spare parts and the developed supply network, our company in the mildest terms realizes any requirement on the spare part for truck cranes including complex any complexity. An individual approach, reasonable prices, the quality system, a guarantee, flexible system of discounts, both for old partners, and for the new companies - guarantee of durable and trouble-free operation of your equipment.

• Quality and reliability of spare parts! All spare parts and accessories for truck cranes delivered by the company are certified that guarantees quality and reliability in operation.

Spare parts for truck cranes: Hydraulic cylinders, Gidroraspredeliteli, Gidromotora, Hydraulic pumps, the Pipeline connection, Connection rotating Hoses of a high pressure, Gidroklapan, RTI, the Basic and Rotary Device (BRD), the turn Mechanism, the Reducer of the cargo winch, the Basis of an arrow, arrow Section, the Mechanism of blocking of a suspension bracket, the Box of Selection of Power (BSP), Anemometers, loading capacity Limiters

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MP-90 hydromotor
MP-90 hydromotor
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