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The uniqueness of a multi touch table is in its interface, as we have more became accustomed to it, no need to know computer instructions, everything is intuitively understandable. You can place or hide a virtual keyboard on a display, open e-book or diary, make some notes in it, watch photos or edit them or even do all those by several users at the same time. Table can be used for negotiations and at that all presentation files, documents, photos are already inside, you should not take files pack and install bulky equipment.

Multi touch table has an interactive surface
 that can respond on from 2 up to 32 touches simultaneously. Multi touch table usage is limitless and mostly just depends on your imagination. The usage aspects of the given device are very wide and highly determine your status. The table uses dynamic interactive applications and is made of acrylic, glass fiber, wood or stone in Hi-Tech or Deluxe modern style.

It allows to make a presentation by zooming, paging, rotating, application interactions by several users simultaneously. You nevermore have troubles with computer and projector – everything is in a big stylish multi touch computer. 

- In a company hall the table can assist visitors to be acquainted with interesting for them information about company activities. Here they will look through interactive maps, construction models, diagrams, reports, project presentations and advertisement. 

- The payback of multi touch tables for a company is advertisement. If the table is not in work, it is switched to video playback.

- For hotels, tourist companies and fitness centers it will provide an instant access to local sights and amusements and also provide for guests an opportunity of hotel/center infrastructure details, service or city center information. 

- For an airport holding hall the table can be the place of amusement for flight expectants. Internet, news, games and many others will help while away the time before a flight.

- Exhibitions – Any information about your company on a presentation or exhibition will help more accessibly present any information calling up your clients excitement. Herewith, the table can be used by several people simultaneously! With the table help you can show and tell how your decisions, goods or service look like in a modern and fascinating style. A demonstrable interface of the multi touch table, modern design and brand-new technologies will beneficially differ your offer from others.

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Multi touch table
Multi touch table
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