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Mustard yellow, sareptsky

Mustard yellow, sareptsky

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandСунгар Агро
  • Country of manufactureKazakhstan
  • ColorYellow
  • Release formGrains

Mustard yellow, sarpetsky, Oil plants, Export from Kazakhstan, AT LOW PRICES

Industrial crops

I offer mustard yellow on FCA the North of Kazakhstan 340 EURO for ton packaging of bigbega

Mustard sareptsky meets under names mustard the Russian, Chinese mustard.
Mustard sareptsky this annual herbaceous plant to 150 cm of height with tap reinforced root. Mustard sareptsky has stalk upright, branching. Radical leaves at plant mustard sareptsky green, large, petiolar, lyrate, upper glaucescent, sedentary, integral. Flowers at grass mustard sareptsky small, yellow, are collected in the inflorescence (corymbose brush) which is quickly extended in the course of blossoming. Fruits mustard sareptsky has cylindrical, tubercular pods of 7 — 12 mm of length with awl - shaped nose. Seeds are small, spherical, black to 1 mm in the diameter. Mustard sareptsky in May blossoms, fruits ripen in June.

Mustard sareptsky and its structure

Use the seeds containing glycoside sinirgin; fat oil (25 — 35% ). There are grades rich with vitamin C (salad).
Mustard sareptsky contains in seeds: ashes — 4,90% ; macrocells (mk/g): To — 12,90, Ca - 6,20, Mg - 3,50, Fe - 0,06; microelements (KBN): Mn - 0,07, Cu - 0,27, Zn - 0,77, Cr - 0,02, Se - 31,00, Ni - 0,16, Pb - 0,01, I — 0,12. In — 0,50 mkg/g. CDs, With, Sr, Li, Au, Ag, V, Al, Ba, Br are not found Mo. Mustard sareptsky Zn, Se, especially Se concentrates.

Application of grass mustard sareptsky

Seeds are applied to receiving mustard powder: the ground fat - free cake. Effect of powder is based on the following: the enzyme of mirozinaz which is in it becomes more active at kontakteporoshka with warm water, sinigrpn at effect of enzyme is split on potassium bisulphate, the essential mustard seed oil containing sulfur, and glucose. These split products of sinigrin also cause reddening on integuments — the mestnorazdrazhayushchy, distracting action.
Dosage forms: 2% spirtovy solution of essential mustard seed oil, mustard plasters covered with the fat - free plant powder mustard sareptsky. Seeds are part of gastric collecting. The food industry uses mustard seed oil (the baking, canning, confectionery and perfumery industry). The food mustard received from mustard powder (containing 1,0 — 1,1% of allylic essential oil), stimulates appetite, promotes strengthening of release of gastric juice, improves digestion. Thanks to the absorbing properties mustard flour is applied to cleaning of ware of smells.
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Mustard yellow, sareptsky
Mustard yellow, sareptsky
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