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Narcotic and respiratory device VENAR LIBERA K

Narcotic and respiratory device VENAR LIBERA K

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Narcotic and respiratory device VENAR LIBERA K, Chirana s.r.o . (Slovakia), the narcotic and respiratory device, it is intended for carrying out all types of anesthesia, including Low-Flow and Minimal-Flow anesthesia. The device is equipped with the modern electronic fan, the electronic rotameter, manometers with the color coding, built-in bronkhootsosy. The device in this complete set is optimum on a set of the functions and parameters.

     The electronic rotameter on 4 gases with the touch screen allows to control amount of the gases arriving to the patient, and also a consumption of each gas when carrying out anesthesia, on a narcotic block it is possible to fix 2 evaporators with the Selectatec Interlock system.
     6 modes of forced and assisted ventilation promote optimum selection of the IVL parameters both for newborn children, and for adult patients, information on carrying out ventilation, mechanical properties of lungs, graphic display of respiratory function are output to the display of the built-in color monitor.
     The built-in compressor allows to exclude use of external medical compressors, providing compactness of anesthesiology system and use of all opportunities of the device on small squares.
     The additional complete set of the device the module of gas analysis of AGAS allows the anesthesiologist to exercise control of composition of respiratory mix on a breath and an exhalation (CO2, N2O, a halothane, sevoran, isoflurane, desflyuran, enflurane and IAC), information on which is output to the monitor of the narcotic device.
     The main difference of Venar Libera K from the previous models of a ruler - available the electronic EFA rotameter which gives the chance completely to control amount of the gases arriving to the patient. At will, the device can be completed with the xenon rotameter. The device with such complete set is optimum on a set of the functions and parameters.

Features of the narcotic and respiratory device VENAR LIBERA K :

  •   Modern anesthesiology device;
  •   6 modes of ventilation in a basic complete set for all categories of the patient;
  •   The electronic rotameter on 4 gases, including xenon;
  •   Built-in compressor;
  •   Possibility of gas analysis.

Technical parameters of the narcotic and respiratory device VENAR LIBERA K :



Respiratory volume (ml)

20 - 1500

Respiration rate


Minute ventilation (l/min)


Ti:Te, %

 from 1:4 to 4:1  

Inspiratory pause

 from 0 to 50%


electronic, protection of hypoxemic mix, electronic control of FiO2, composition of respiratory mix

Holder of evaporators

on 2 evaporators

Ventilation modes:

CMV – the ventilation managed on volume
PCV – the ventilation managed on pressure
SIMV-PS – synchronized replaceable ventilation with support by pressure of spontaneous breath at the level of PEEP pressure
PS – support by pressure at spontaneous breath of the patient
MAN – manual ventilation by means of Ambu's bag
SPONT – ventilation at independent breath of the patient
The SIMV-PS, PS and SPONT modes are necessary for optimization of processes of synchronization of breath of the patient and operation of the fan.


In devices of the Screen series the integrated ABC contour is used


In devices of the Screen series the three-level system of alarms, the sound and light notification with display and storing of the reason is implemented. Availability of the program allowing, at a task of weight of the patient, to carry out fast start of the device in work in the mode of ventilation CMV that is extremely important in case of emergency. The electronic rotameter provides the increased protection against hypoxemic mix, an additional insurance is electronic control of FiO2. At oxygen interruption in supply the device podsasyvat air from surrounding space. The minimum operating time of the built-in accumulator – 120 minutes.

Active system of removal of exhaust gases

System of automatic switching of supply of gas from the central distributing on cylinders and back

System of fastening of SelectaTec Interlock evaporators

Provides fast change of evaporators during an opertion, possesses debugged and reliable system of blocking of the evaporator which is not working at present. The Penlon evaporator  - "the gold standard" among evaporators of pore-forming anastetik.

Fan monitor built-in, color contrast TFT display 6,4"

Ventilation parameters in numerical and graphic display, indicators of mechanics of breath: Cdyn, Cst, Riaw, autoPEEP, temporary constant, intra alveolar pressure upon breaths and exhalation.

The electronic rotameter on 4 gases (O2, N2O , air, xenon)

Controls giving and an expense of O2, air, N2O, xenon;
Automatic calculation and correction of values of gases and a necessary proportion on the specified total flow;
More exact dosing of gases, monitoring of a flow is fresher than mix;
The increased level of protection against a hypoxia due to monitoring 
of FiO2;
Display of a consumption of gases during operation, totally and on each gas separately;
Indication of a flow is fresher than mix in a digital form and in the form of charts columns.

The minimum operating time from the accumulator not less than 90 minutes

System of supply of By-Pass oxygen;
Built-in air medical compressor
Built-in injection bronkhootsos;
Additional "float-operated rotameter" O2;
Built-in little table of the doctor
Galogenovy lamp
Rack for fastening of the monitor of the patient
Autonomous illumination of the main technical nodes at an emergency shutdown of the electric power.

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Narcotic and respiratory device VENAR LIBERA K
Narcotic and respiratory device VENAR LIBERA K
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