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Nitric acid, Karaganda

Nitric acid, Karaganda

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Nitric acid, Karaganda
HNO3 nitric acid - one of the major industrial chemicals, colorless, transparent liquid with sharp, off - flavor. When heating, or under the influence of light gets brown shade owing to partial decomposition according to the scheme:
4HNO34NO2 + 2H2O + O2

Release of NO2 nitrogen dioxide also gives to solution coloring. Nitric acid mixes up with water in any ratios, restrictedly is soluble in diethyl ether. Is strong monobasic acid, in aqueous solutions it is totally dissociated on ions of H + and NO3 - . With water forms constant boiling mixture (68.4% of HNO3 on weight, Tkip 120.7 °C, d420 1.41). Are known also mono - and trihydrate of nitric acid.

All atoms in molecule of nitric acid lie in one plane. Lengths of bonds in angstroms Å and valence angles are given in drawing. In solid state for nitric acid two crystal modifications are known: with monoklinny and rhombic lattices.

As well as the majority of acids, nitric acid reacts with the bases, the main oxides and forces out weak acids from their salts. Salts of nitric acid are called nitrates.

Oxidizing properties.

Nitric acid - strong oxidizer. Dissolves all metals, except for gold, rhodium, platinum, niobium, tantalum, iridium and zirconium, turning them into oxides or nitrates. Easily oxidizes elemental sulfur to H2SO4 sulphuric acidand phosphorus to P2O5 phosphoric anhydride.

Character and reaction products with metals depend on concentration of nitric acid. Diluted acid is recovered mainly to NO nitrogen monoxide, recovery to N2O nitrous oxide and molecular N2 nitrogen is in certain cases observed.
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Nitric acid, Karaganda
Nitric acid, Karaganda
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