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Nitroammofosk (NPK 4: 16: 16 PM)

Expense: 300 kg/hectare

  • Proizvoditelrossiya

The complex highly effective and universal nitrogen - phosphorus - potassium fertilizer suitable practically for all species of crops. Bring in the form of the main or priposevny fertilizer for all types of the soil and under any crops.



One of the best fertilizers. Nitroammofosk is the concentrated fertilizer, nitrogen - phosphorus - potassium, granulated, is issued various brands with various maintenance and a ratio of elements of mineral food: N: P: K = 4: 16: 16 PM, 3: 15: 15 PM and others.
Nitroammofoska phosphorus more mobile in the soil, than superphosphate phosphorus, is also easily acquired by plants. Each granule contains identical amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, useful substances are evenly distributed in the soil, surpassing tukovy mixes in this indicator.
Physiologically neutral fertilizer. Efficiency of fertilizer of a nitroammofosk increases at additional introduction of nitrogen fertilizers. Optimum norm of introduction of a nitroammofoska under sugar Ts. /1ga beet 8 - 10, under Ts. /1ga winter wheat 5 - 8. It is brought 3 - 4 Ts. /1ga in the fall after grain predecessors where straw is used as fertilizer. After other (best) predecessors norm of autumn introduction - no more than 1 - 2 Ts. /1ga.
It is better to use a nitroammofoska for early - spring feed (3 - 5 Ts. /1ga) winter wheat on the talomerzly soil. Very important for the first top dressing winter instead of saltpeter to use a nitroammofoska on squares where under the main processing phosphorus and potassium are not brought, or the norm of introduction of these fertilizers is insufficient for formation of the predicted harvest.
This agrochemical belongs to the category explosive therefore it is necessary to avoid its heating. It is necessary to store it in cold rooms from concrete, or a brick, at ambient temperature there is not higher than 30C of Celsius.
Humidity of air should not exceed 50% . Mineral fertilizer of a nitroammofosk needs to be stored separately from others that there was no chemical reaction with unpredictable (up to ignition and explosion) consequences. Use of heating devices and naked flame is indoors strictly forbidden.
To store this top dressing longer, than 6 months, are impossible. It partially loses the useful properties. Also, after a period of storage, this substance becomes more vzryvo - and fire - dangerous.
To transport a nitroammofoska, for safety, it is authorized only land transport, both in packed form, and a bulk way.

How many nitroammofosk to bring under different plants?

The norm of introduction depends on many parameters. From a species of plants, structure of the soil, watering existence, and other other contributing factors. But there are average values recommended by agronomists and are confirmed with long - term experience of various experimental and practicing farms:

  1. Winter - 300 - 500 kg/hectare;
  2. Yarovoy — 300 - 400¬ú/hectare;
  3. Sunflower - 150 - 200 kg/hectare;
  4. Corn - 250 kg/hectare;
  5. Colza - 100 kg/hectare;
  6. Beet (sugar and fodder) - 200 - 250 kg/hectare.

Rules of introduction

At the choice of mineral fertilizer it is focused on definition like soil. Nitroammofosku is applied on most of them. Best of all it proved to be on chernozems and alumina. At the same time it is necessary to consider that the structure of the soil is more dense, the there is longer a process of penetration of chemicals into a fertile layer. Therefore in clay lands the nitroammofoska as top dressing is brought in the fall, and in easier, sandy - in the spring.

Application of a nitroammofoska on garden sites

Practice of use of mineral fertilizers in personal homestead farms contains not one decade. But still many gardeners cautiously treat a nitroammofoska as consider that its application helps nitrates to remain with the received harvest. Partially they are right, if to use any mineral fertilizer till the end of vegetation of a plant, traces of chemicals will remain in its cages and fabrics. But if beforehand to stop introduction, then and the nitrate rest in production will be within norm.

Actually, nitrates contain also in organic fertilizers, and their excessive use can damage to ecological purity of production even more, than moderate use of mineral.

For private application of a nitroammofoska the following doses of introduction are recommended:

  • Potatoes - on 1m. kv. (or on 4 holes) - 20 gr;
  • Tomatoes — 20 on 1m. kv. - 20 gr. ;
  • Berry cultures (currant, gooseberry) — 65 - 70 gr. under a bush;
  • Berry cultures (raspberry, blackberry) - 35 - 40 gr. on sq. m;
  • Large fruit - trees - 70 - 90 gr. on an edge of a pristvolny circle, having mixed with the soil.

The recommended number of top dressing can change, depending on the period of vegetation of a plant, soil type, and terms of introduction of other fertilizers. It is necessary to be verified with the instruction for application to calculate optimum value for each case.

Fertilizer of a nitroammofosk can be applied in small doses to extra root top dressing of fruit, vegetable and berry crops:

1 - 2 tablespoons of granules dissolve in 10 liters warm (but is not hotter) waters, and spray a plant in the evening, or in cloudy weather. After the procedure it is necessary to make plentiful watering as direct sheet top dressing even strongly divorced nitroammofosky is, in some way, a shock therapy for a plant. It does well to "patient", strengthening his organism and immunity. But in order that top dressing did not become the destroying factor, it is necessary to create comfortable conditions for restoration. A certain tango with fertilizers - a step backwards - two turns out forward.

Application of a nitroammofoska for all types of garden cultures, especially for tomato, has the revitalizing effect on plants. Tomatoes have a scab, root and stem decay, a phytophthora less. It is necessary to feed up them this fertilizer not more often than two times during the season. The first time is recommended to use NPK 4: 16: 16 PM. For the second time top dressing is carried out to the infructescence period. For it it is recommended to use brand with the increased content of potassium. This element is responsible for production of vegetable sugars, and does fruits by more sweet.

One more fan of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium - grapes. As a result of long - term tests, it was proved that the southern inhabitant can successfully grow and fructify in a midland of Russia. But it is possible only at timely podkormka of a plant both organic, and mineral additives.

Fertilizer of a nitroammofosk is applied to grapes in the form of root and not root podkormok. At top dressing introduction at the roots it is necessary to count quantity, having addressed the instruction for application. And here when carrying out sheet top dressing the nitroammofosk should part with water, in a proportion 2 tablespoons on 10 l. waters.

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Nitroammofosk NPK 4:16:16 PM
Nitroammofosk NPK 4:16:16 PM
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