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Nitroammofosk brands 4: 16: 16 PM - universal complex nitrogen - phosphorus - potassium fertilizer with high and various ratio of nutritious elements. Represents granules of light pink color. It does not slyozhivatsya, 100% possess friability, it is not hygroscopic. All salts which are a part of a nitroammofoska, rastvorima in water. The high concentration of nutritious elements making not less than 40% (in the sum nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium), allows to reduce considerably (in comparison with simple fertilizers) pas expenses transportation, storage and entering into the soil.
Nitroammofosku is brought as the basic, top dressing, at sowing fertilizer on all types of soils under all crops. These fertilizers on chernozems and gray soils at an irrigation are most effective. At the main introduction on chernozems and soils of heavy particle size distribution in a nonchernozem zone it is expedient to nitroammofosk to bring since fall under zyablevy plowing, and on soils of easy particle size distribution - in the spring. Thanks to a variety of the let - out nitroammofoska brands - it complex fertilizer can be picked up individually, taking into account features like soil and the grown - up culture.

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Nitroammofosk NPK 4:16:16 PM
Nitroammofosk NPK 4:16:16 PM
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