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Noriya tape ladle UN-5,10,20,50,100,175,350 of buy in Kostanaj

Noriya tape ladle UN-5,10,20,50,100,175,350 of

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Noriya tape ladle UN - 5,10,20,50,100,175,350 of t
Are intended for vertical movement of grain and products of its processing. Are applied on elevators, combines of bakeries, mills, poultry farms, livestock complexes, mekhtoka, etc. as weight handling equipment to transportation of grain and other small dry materials in the vertical direction.
The transported material comes through the loading sock to ladles or is chosen ladles from the bottom of the boot and moves the transported body to the upper head where there is the unloading of ladles in the unloading branch pipe. Noriya are made as in unary, and dual execution (by request). Noriya are supplied with automatically operating brake mechanism protecting the tape from reverse motion and sensors the subtime and control of speed.
Main components of the noriya:
Head the Pipe noriyny the Boot the Drive the Tape with ladles
Noriya are completed with sections of pipes of the following types: — smooth — tension (mounting) — viewing — aspiration
Work of noriya is controlled by means of the sensors and ampermeters indicating any danger of overloads or interruptions in work, at the same time the noriya is disconnected before there can be the serious damage. For the movement of noriya low - speed drives are used that allows to watch work of noriya and the condition of ladles (their wear or damage).
The project of the head of the noriya allows to sustain the rotating loading as a result of work of components of the drive, to keep adjustment. From the inside of the head there is abrasion - resistant steel laying that allows to prolong equipment service life. The vulcanized drum covering — oilproof, possesses static conductivity and antipirenovy properties. At production of pulleys the system of plugs which provides the most fixed clip is applied and prevents the "walking" effect of the axis. The design of the casing of the head and observation ports excludes hit in dust and moisture.

Viewing openings of the pulley are on both sides of the head body opposite to each other for convenience at maintenance
The boot of the noriya is made of high - strength steel. The lower panel of the boot is in 60 mm over the Earth's surface to exclude contact of material with possible accumulation of water. The necessary tension of the tape is easily supported by the plated bolts and brass nuts. Between the lateral panel of the boot and the support plate of the tension device there is the plastic leaf 3 mm thick for isolation of the shaft and as the bearing area to avoid the shift of the support plate of the tension device. From each party of the boot there are observation ports for access to plugs of the drum or to the self - clearing pulley. It facilitates carrying out checkup and servicing.
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