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Oak chips, 300 grams

Oak chips, 300 grams

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QUALITY. As a part of a package optimum composition from mix of spill natural and thermoprocessed. As raw materials for production serves the oak, two botanical types (Quercus robur L., Quercus petraea L.). Preparation of raw materials is made in controlled areas of growth - in the western and central part of Ukraine. Exclusively lower part of a trunk of an oak, by age of 90-100 years is applied to production of spill.

Wood of an oak (Quercus) thanks to the unique properties is widely used around the world by production of wines, cognacs (brandy), whisky and other alcoholic beverages. Its main components improving wines and cognacs are: phenolic substances (tannins), fats, pitches, and aromatobrazuyushchy substances.

DOSES. The producer, in scientific laboratory, developed optimum doses of application for an intensification of processes of maturing of young cognac alcohols. The best results are received when using:

- for cognac and kalvadosny alcohols (a dose of 5 - 30 g/litre) - the minimum hold time - 3 - 6 months.

ALTERNATIVE to the BARREL. In the last decade in Australia, the USA, Chile, the Republic of South Africa, New Zealand, France, Germany, Bulgaria and other countries along with traditional use of wood of an oak in the form of barrels, quarrystones and a klepka the direction providing addition in wine and cognac of oak spill with the subsequent insisting promptly develops.

Wine, cognacs and brandies received with an additive of oak spill considerably differ in elegant coloring and transparency, bigger completeness and coordination in taste, the bright bouquet, flower, honey and fruit aroma reduced by "fusel" and "efiro-aldegidny" tone, intensive maturing of wines and cognac alcohols.

ADVANTAGES of aging of wines and cognac alcohols in tanks with previously added oak spill:

- inevitable losses of wine and alcohols at endurance in barrels are reduced (evaporation through a klepka time);

- the small sizes of particles and a big specific surface of contact promote intensive enrichment of wine and cognac alcohol phenolic and aromatobrazuyushchy substances;

- diffusion of aromatic and phenolic components promotes receiving a full-fledged product in rather short terms - till 6 months - for cognac alcohols;

- effect of "a new barrel" - wine materials and cognac alcohols before a bookmark them on endurance in barrels of 3 and more years are quickly enriched with oak wood components what old barrels cannot give;

- eliminates the defects and defects of wines and cognacs received as a result of change of quality of raw materials and violation of technology (mouse tone, earthy smack, hydrosulphuric tone, etc.);

Insisting on oak spill, the made drink, you have an opportunity to receive taste and color of a natural product without use of oak barrels. It will significantly save your budget and time without loss of quality of drink!

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Oak chips, 300 grams
Oak chips, 300 grams
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