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Control of temperature from T°komnatnaya + 5 °C to 60 °C., Humidity to 95% at 37 °sdiapazon the CO2 level within 0-20% ± 0.1% - the Infrared sensor-Avtomatichesky cycle of decontamination hot steam -

Capacious incubator of 173 l of CO2.

In a basic complete set 4 regiments, in addition the number of shelves can be increased to 13 pieces.

Original design of fast removal of the shelf without use of the additional tool for further.

Measurements of the CO2 level the infra is made by red sensors (IDK) modern.

Use of IDK allows within 30 seconds, to recover all set parameters after opening of a door of an incubator.

In a design of an incubator of Oasis 6400 the method three zonal heating is applied, i.e. a source of heat are individual heaters are located in incubator walls thanks to what uniform return of heat and accuracy of maintenance of the set temperature is reached.

The possibility of disinfection applied in a design the ferry (90 °C) with the subsequent drying, allowed to reduce considerably an idle time between work cycles.

The cascade system of filtering by HEPA filters guarantees continuous protection of an incubator against a kontamination.

Specification of an incubator CO2 Oasis 6400


· The inertialess infrared sensor – fast and exact recovery of the CO2 level after opening of a door of an incubator.

· The two-channel IR sensor CO2 - measurements of the CO2 level with high precision.

· The CO2 level is recovered to set less than, in 5 minutes after opening of a door for 30 seconds.

· The camera objyomom173 liter contains up to 13 shelves (4 regiments in a set).

· The unique design provides a possibility of transformation and easy cleaning of the camera.

· Cascade filtering of air via HEPA filters guarantees reliable protection of the camera against pollution.

· The decontamination used in a design the ferry (90 °C) with the subsequent drying, is the fastest and reliable system of disinfecting used in incubators.

· Function drying does not necessary rubbing of the camera after steam processing.

· Three-zonal heating - heaters are located on camera walls.

· Such design provides high stability and the maximum uniformity of temperature in the camera.

· Easily readable text display.

· Convenient, intuitively clear management.

· The modern system of data recording, writes down change of parameters in time with a possibility of display on the screen.

· The system of self-diagnostics with the alarm system – controls all parameters of an incubator and its working capacity, informs the user at an exit of parameters out of the set limits.

· An outside covering ISOCIDE™ paint - antimicrobic powder paint.

· Carefully thought over design of system of air circulation provides fast recovery of values of temperature and humidity and maintenance of the maximum uniformity.

· Fans are automatically switched off when opening a door for minimization of gas exchange with external environment.

· Inlet tubes of CO2 are protected by HEPA filters that provides intake of sterile gas.

· Temperature range of temperature from T°komnatnaya + 5 °C to 60 °C.

· Humidity from room to 95% at 37 °C.

· Range of the CO2 level is within 0-20% ± 0.1%.

· External dimensions (Sh hg xv) 660 mm x 660 mm x 914 mm.

· The size of the shelf is 470 mm x 465 mm.

Technical characteristics of CO2 of an incubator of Oasis



Model 6400 6404
Temperature range T°komnatny + 5 °C to 60 °C. T°komnatny + 5 °C to 60 °C.
Stability of temperature ±0,1? With at 37 °C ±0,1? With at 37 °C
Deviation on volume ±0,3? With at 37 °C ±0,3? With at 37 °C
Temperature sensor Precision thermoresistor Precision thermoresistor
Humidity range from room to 95% at 37 °C from room to 95% at 37 °C
CO2 level range 0-20% of CO2 0-20% of CO2
Stability of the CO2 level ±0,1% of CO2 ±0,1% of CO2
CO2 level sensor CO2 IDES CO2 IDES
O2 level range No 0-21% of O2
Stability of the O2 level No ±0,1% of O2
O2 level sensor No electrochemical Fuel Cell
External dimensions of GhShhV, cm 50.8 x 53.3 x 63.5 50.8 x 53.3 x 63.5
Internal dimensions of GhShhV, cm 66 x 66 x 91.4 66 x 66 x 91.4
External finishing holodnokatany steel with a powder covering holodnokatany steel with a powder covering
Camera material the polished stainless steel the polished stainless steel
Working volume of l. 170 170
Number of shelves 4 stand., max. 13 4 stand., max. 13
Design of shelves perforated stainless steel perforated stainless steel
The shelf size see. 47 x 46.5 47 x 46.5
Voltage 230 V 8 A, 50 Hz 230 V 8 A, 50 Hz
Weight in packaging of kg. 120 120


Decontamination cycle


For carrying out a cycle of decontamination in incubators of Caron steam heated to 90 °C is used, it is scientifically confirmed method of safe and effective decontamination.

The cycles based on dry heat and high temperatures are not recommended for carrying out decontamination.

Our cycle is simple and demands less time, rather standard operation cycles wet heat, with an additional phase of drying.

Caron decontamination cycle – the fastest cycle wet (90 °C) decontaminations. The phase of drying is activated at the end of a decontamination cycle. Filtered, via HEPA filters, air is forced in the camera. As result – the pure and dry incubator which is not demanding additional cleaning.

In end of a cycle the incubator is quickly cooled at the same time all operations take place without intervention of the operator.

Safety of cultures of cells and fabrics.


· Oasis™ combines all last technologies preventing a kontamination. Now cultures of cells are never protected as earlier.

· The internal camera of an incubator is produced from the high-quality polished steel, internal corners are rounded off.

· Components of the camera are easily taken thanks to unique fixing system that in turn facilitates cleaning of internal surfaces.

· The external covering consists of holodnokatany steel of Isocide™ covered with an antibacterial hybrid polyester powder covering.

· When opening a door fans are switched-off, minimizing gas exchange with outside air. The supply of CO2 is protected by the HEPA filter guaranteeing sterility of the arriving gas.

Monitoring system of humidity gVapor™


· Co2s incubators cooling of Caron use economic, not doing harm to environment, the gVapor™ system for maintenance of humidity with specifically set parameters.

· In the gVapor™ technology the pallet with water is not used and as a result there are no accumulations of moisture in the camera that the risk of a kontamination considerably decreases.

· Traditional systems of maintenance of humidity use the pallet with heating for humidity maintenance about 95%, the gVapor™ system quickly brings humidity level to a preset value giving so much moisture how many it is necessary. Recovery of level of moisture occurs 5 times quicker than at traditional systems.

· Control of humidity at the set level allows to reach in incubators of CO2 Caron of higher level of humidity without formation of condensate

· The optional system of recirculation and water purification (CRSY102-1 model) is an ideal source of water for incubators. In system use of tap water without prefiltration is possible.

IR CO2 sensor


· CO2 incubators of Caron use the single-channel two wave infrared CO2 sensor for high-precision measurement of concentration of CO2 in an incubator. At the moment, it is the most exact method of measurement of % of CO2.

· Measurements by the HARDWARE thermal sensors which equipped the majority of the existing incubators depend on temperature and humidity. The infrared CO2 sensor installed on incubators of Caron determines only the CO2 level, irrespective of humidity and temperature.

· The IR sensor in incubators of Caron is placed in in the silicone body that increases its stability and exact work even in emergency conditions.

· Unlike the TC sensor needing calibration at any changes of parameters, the IR sensor does not demand calibration.

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Oasis 6400 incubator
Oasis 6400 incubator
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