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Obmotchik of Z237 rolls Self-loaded buy in Petropavlovsk
Buy Obmotchik of Z237 rolls Self-loaded
Obmotchik of Z237 rolls Self-loaded

Obmotchik of Z237 rolls Self-loaded

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Obmotchik of rolls of Z237 of Samozagruzayushchiysya

Samozagruzayushchiysya the obmotchik of Z237 is equipped with the back capture ensuring fast and effective functioning as cleaning and a winding happens during moving to the following roll or to the place of warehousing. The car is equipped in ustroysto a sawn-off shotgun and a clip of a film thanks to what intervention of the user is required only when loading the new video of a film. After the end of process of a coiling the roll is carefully unloaded on the earth by means of a loading sleeve.
It is equipped in the universal feeder of a film 500 mm wide of i of 750 mm. It is aggregated with a tractor by means of a three-point hinge plate.
The special design of four rotary shaft prevents to sliding of a roll during a winding.
The direct drive of the special rolling bearing of a rotary table ensures silent functioning of the car and nedyozhny operation in comparison with chain transfer.
Control is exercised from a tractor cabin by means of the three-section hydrodistributor equipped with a bouden-cable.
Obmotchik is equipped in the programmed counter specifying the actual number of windings, operating time, quantity of rolls, average quantity of rolls within an hour. The counter has a possibility of programming of parameters for three independent fields.
Aluminum, knurled rollers in the feeder of a film guarantee very high quality of work of an obmotchik. The wide experience of Metal-Fach of Ltd company in a proizvodsta of obmotchik guarantees long and trouble-free operation.

Technical characteristics

look Unit of measure Z237
Garuzka of a roll - back
Diameter of a roll mm 1200x1200
Film width mm 500/750
Quantity of turns of a table Obor. 24/16
Roll winding time Min. 2/1,3
Car dimensions:  -  -
Length mm 3300
Length without catch mm -
Width mm 1600
Height mm 2400
weight kg 950
tires - 23x8,5-12PR
Engine capacity kW 30
Accession to a tractor - Lower hook-on earring
The device for installation of rolls - otstutstvut
Cutting of a film - automatically


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Obmotchik of Z237 rolls Self-loaded
Obmotchik of Z237 rolls Self-loaded
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