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Ogolovniki for wells, ogolovka borehole buy in Shymkent
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Ogolovniki for wells, ogolovka borehole

Ogolovniki for wells, ogolovka borehole

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Kazakhstan, Shymkent
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The Ogolovok Borehole (OB) is developed by leading experts of Industrial Systems firm taking into account requirements of the market and wishes of professional assemblers of systems of water supply.
Ogolovok of a well is intended for sealing of the mouth of a well with the outer diameter of upsetting pipe of 107 - 152 mm with the pump installed in it, a polyethylene pressure head pipe with a diameter of 32 and 40 mm, and also cables of round section in a cover (power for power supply of the electric motor of the pump from 4х0.75 mm2 to 4х4 mm2 and, if necessary, a low-current cable from 3х0-75 mm2 to 3х1.5 mm2 for connection of sources of "the dry course".
Ogolovok borehole is made of cast iron or plastic. Ogolovki, made of plastic, have a letter in the marking? P?. Pig-iron ogolovka are calculated on suspension of freight weighing up to 500 kg, plastic ogolovka maintain loading in 200 kg.
Ogolovok incorporates a cover, pig-iron clamping a flange, a sealing rubber ring, and a set of fasteners (4 coupling bolts with nuts and washers).
Installation of a borehole ogolovk is represented to the most reliable today, and at the same time inexpensive, way of sealing of the mouth of any well.
Application an ogolovka of a well allows:
to protect a well from hit in it surface ground waters and foreign objects
to reduce probability of theft of the equipment and materials from a well when using? confidential? bolts (firm are not delivered)
to increase reliability of suspension of the pump and to simplify operation of a technical well
to give to a well elegant appearance
Features of a borehole ogolovk:
the ogolovka does not demand installation welding ra6ot as its installation is carried out by means of a tightening of the bolts squeezing a sealing rubber ring between a cover and a clamping flange
possibility of immersion of the pump the winch, the crane and other load-lifting mechanisms for top an eye bolts, established in a cover an ogolovka
fastening of the cable attached to the pump by means of the carbine suspended on the lower eye bol
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Ogolovniki for wells, ogolovka borehole
Ogolovniki for wells, ogolovka borehole
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