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Otsilindrovochny universal OTsS-260 machine buy in Semey
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Otsilindrovochny universal OTsS-260 machine

Otsilindrovochny universal OTsS-260 machine

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Kazakhstan, Semey
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandАлтай-3
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Plant manufacturerЭнергоТех

Otsilindrovochny stanokotss-260 is intended for roundup, logs with a diameter up to 350 mm. The machine represents a portal, with two mobile carriages. On each carriage milling uzelkotory is mounted it is put in action from the electric motor of 7.5 kW. The portal moves on guides along the preparation fixed in the centers. The mechanism of rotation of a log includes the forward and back grandma. The forward driving grandma is fixed not movably. The back grandma easily moves to the necessary length of preparation 3, 4, 6 m.

Roundup brevnavypolnyatsya by one mill for several passes depending on diameter of preparation. Frequency of rotation of preparation of 56 rpm. Speed of movement of the machine ismenyatsya smoothly from 0 to 3 m/min, fast change-over on manual giving is provided. Selection of an assembly groove is made by the similar mill mounted on the second carriage. For selection of a groove, the rounded log is fixed in the centers not movably. The Otsilindrovochny machine is completed with a lunette for improvement of geometry of the received products of small dimeters.

Cutting of a cup is carried out by means of a mill of the dlyaotsilindrovka which is on the first carriage. The mill moves manually a screw gear.

The Otsilindrovochny mill with a diameter more than 200 mm can an otsilindrovyvaniye vypolnyatyoperation to any diameter from 180 to 260 mm. Cutting of a laying groove and selection of a cup is carried out by mills diameter equal to diameter of the received cylinder. The Otsilindrovochny OTsS-260 machine is simple in work. Change-over time for the necessary operation takes no more than 2 minutes. Productivity of the universal otsilindrovochny OTsS-260 machine (6 m a log with a laying groove and two cups) to 2,5 pieces/hour.

Technical characteristics.

Engine capacity of a mill, kW / about. Mines (2 pieces) 7,5х3000
Engine capacity of giving, kW 0,37
Engine capacity of longitudinal movement, kW 1,1
Speed of longitudinal movement, m/min. 0 to 3
The maximum diameter of the processed log, mm 330
Diameter of the received cylinder in purity, mm 160-260
Frequency of rotation of preparation, rpm. 56
Maximum length obr. logs, mm 6000
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Otsilindrovochny universal OTsS-260 machine
Otsilindrovochny universal OTsS-260 machine
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