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Technical characteristics
  • BrandOxymat
  • Country of manufactureSlovakia

Oxygen is the most demanded gas in the industry. Oxygen is applied during the cutting, ozonization, melting, and  of course in medicine.

For receiving gaseous oxygen from atmospheric air, the company Oksimat in 1987 developed the first-ever industrial generator of oxygen. The oxygen generator Oksimat is designed in such a way that to produce oxygen of the necessary purity and in the necessary volume 24 hours a day (the operating mode can be any, it can work as it is constant and with stops). The device works under pressure — on an entrance the compressed air drained from moisture is required.

We created a line of generators which are capable to produce oxygen purity from 90% to 95%!

You can use the compressed air which is already available at your enterprise for the oxygen generator, or buy in our company all system on production of oxygen —  the oxygen station We will pick up to you the generator of oxygen and  not only, we will deliver the equipment necessary for you to your enterprise, we will mount "turnkey", we will carry out balancing and commissioning and we will train your personnel.  Depending on your requirements and specifics of production, it is possible to buy the oxygen generator under any purposes (for example  UZV ) and with various options.

Operating conditions for the oxygen generator

§ Ambient temperature: +3 … + 45OC;

§ Pressure of compressed air on an entrance: 6 … 8 bars (log huts), 12 — 150 BARS — by means of booster compressors;

§ Dew point of compressed air: + 3O;

§ Maintenance of firm particles: < 0.1 мкм;

§ Content of compressor oil: < 0,01 мг/м3;

§ Power supply tension: 220 V ~ 50 Hz.

At the exit you receive:

§ Oxygen purity of 90 — 95%;

§ Almost zero content of oil when using maslozapolnenny compressors (when using oil-free compressors the content of oil in oxygen is guaranteed to 0%);

§ Oxygen pressure at the exit: 4 ….6 BARS (log huts), optionally to 10 BARS;


§ An oxygen dew point - 70O.

Oxygen generators Oksimat of big productivity

Have mnogoadsorberny system, and are called as FRAME versions.

The main feature of such system are:

§ automatic step control of productivity of the oxygen generator

§ the cold reserve of installation - at an emergency adsorbers can be disconnected and to leave in work 2 couples of adsorbers from 3-yokh (as an example)

This system is mounted in a special rigid frame, has a uniform entrance for compressed air, a uniform exit for grocery oxygen, the uniform muffler for dumping of nitrogen and residual gases.

FRAME-Versiya has:

§ built-in air receiver

§ built-in oxygen receiver

§ the uniform control panel with ZhK the display 9"

§ oxygen gas analyzer

§ oxygen dew point sensor

§ sensor of a dew point of compressed air

§ oxygen flowmeter

§ entrance filter

§ output filter

The quantity of adsorbers of system depends on productivity of the oxygen generator.

Functions of production control:

§ Automatic control of units of the oxygen station with control of their state on all modes provided by the technological program.

§ Remote control of units of the station, blocking of remote control according to control algorithms, blocking of inadmissible actions of the operator.

§ Control of a condition of the equipment of an object of management. Continuous control of values of technological parameters. Automatic detection, display and the sound alarm system of operation of precautionary and emergency settings in technological parameters

§ Check of starting readiness, intellectual start-up / stop / feet

§ Formation of reports for a certain period of time and their conclusion to the press on the schedule and on demand;

§ Ensuring protection of the database and software against unauthorized access;

§ Diagnostics and issue of messages on refusals of elements of a complex of technical means;

Parameters are controlled:

§ the content of oxygen in grocery gas;

§ data on an operating time of hours;

§ data on oxygen pressure;

§ tendencies of purity and to pressure of oxygen;

§ data on an oxygen consumption nm3/h;

§ data on an oxygen dew point;

§ data on a dew point of compressed air;

§ data on temperature of compressed air and environment;

§ data on operation of the air compressor, display of all its key parameters;

§ data on work of a dehumidifier, display of all its key parameters;

§ information on mistakes during the operation of the equipment;

Information functions:

§ Granting on the screen of values of parameters in a digital form

§ Storage of the long-term data archives intended for the further analysis

§ Calculation of values of calculated parameters

Possibilities of remote access.

The system of remote access allows to monitor and control all necessary parameters of the station with a possibility of printing.

Is a part of system of remote access:

§ a monoblock with ZhK the display, diagonal is not less than 22 inches;

§ the software for the delivered station (installed on the personal computer);

§ necessary sensors;

The control system allows to control works of the station without vocational education and preliminary training

* The sensor of residual oxygen is included in the basic package, other sensors are bought separately.

Operating conditions:

§ Oxygen pressure at the exit: 4 ….6 bars (log huts), optionally to 10 BARS

§ Ambient temperature: +3... +50 0C

§ Pressure of compressed air on an entrance: 6... 8 bars (log huts)

§ Dew point of compressed air: +30

§ Maintenance of firm particles: < 0.1 мкм

§ Content of compressor oil: < 0,01 мг/м3

§ Power supply tension: 220 V ~ 50 Hz

At the exit you receive:

§ Oxygen purity of 90 - 95%

§ Almost zero content of oil when using maslozapolnenny compressors (when using oil-free compressors the content of oil in oxygen is guaranteed to 0%)

§ Oxygen-700 dew point

§ Pressure of oxygen is 5-10 BARS

Advantages of generators of oxygen Oksimat:

§ bystry delivery time

§ the term of installation and balancing and commissioning from 3 working days

§ automatic work

§ thin control under any consumer

§ control of all most important parameters

§ management not only the oxygen generator, but also all system in general (including the compressor, a dehumidifier, etc. the equipment entering into the oxygen station)

§ an instant exit to the mode after a stop

§ production of pure oxygen in any volume

§ minimum content of moisture in oxygen

§ long service life of the equipment

§ the friendly clear interface, start feet from 1 button

§ opportunity connection of remote control

Principle of operation of the adsorptive generator of oxygen.


In the industrial adsorptive generator of oxygen as a rule two columns (adsorbers) filled with zeolite. In work there is always only one column. The drained compressed air under pressure of 6-8 BARS comes to the oxygen generator. Molecules of nitrogen and some other gases are late zeolite, and molecules of oxygen pass further and get to a buffer receiver. While one column works, zeolite of the second column is in the regeneration mode for what a part of the produced oxygen is used (in the course of regeneration the collected nitrogen from a column is turned out by pure oxygen).
Zeolite completely regenerativen is also used not less than 40 000 working hours. At a coal filtration of compressed air and existence of the adsorptive dehumidifier, it is in some cases possible to prolong zeolite service life up to 50 000 motor-hours. In the oxygen generator Oksimat is used hi-tech zeolite of the UOP Honeywell brand (UOP Haneyvel - the USA). The UOP Honeywell company is the leader in production of zeolites in the World, and occupies 80% a market share. A dew point of oxygen minus 70 degrees (-700) - oxygen moisture content is minimum, and oxygen is suitable for any technological processes.

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Oxygen station Frame-versiya
Oxygen station Frame-versiya
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