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Packages from polyethylene

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Packages from polyethylene Production of company packages from polyethylene packing, a thermofilm.
Our company carries out production from polyethylene:
- packages a T-shirt with the full-color press with the customer's logo
- packages for the food, frozen products
- a film thermoshrinkable polyethylene/sizes at the request of the customer
- bags for foodstuff / macaroni, grain etc.
- bags of technical appointment
- bags for production of water
- packing for laundries and dry-cleaners
- advertizing packages

Polyethylene film - a thing so habitual, as far as also irreplaceable. Now it is difficult to present a visit of shop without polyethylene paper bag, school notebooks without convenient covers or the goods prepared for transportation without thin, but strong film. In everyday life we so got used to use plastic bags that at times it seems that they were always though the first packing packages appeared in the USA in the late fifties of of last century. Choosing the producer, you should not pursue low price, pay attention to reputation of the company, its stability, technological base, qualification of personnel, client responses. For several years a polyethylene film, etc. packing of our company is successfully applied in different spheres of activity (a rural and national economy, construction, the food industry, etc.) . Production of plastic bags - business difficult. Polyethylene before "turning" into this or that product, passes several stages. At the first stage on special technology from polyethylene granules receive material which in the future can become packing or a package. In our work we apply the qualitative raw materials delivered from Hungary, Yugoslavia, we use also domestic, as a result making polyethylene of high (PVD) or low (PND) pressure. How they are distinguished? Smooth polyethylene products are PVD, and rustling - PND.

The following stage - the full-color press on packages since they not only carry out a role of a packing material, but also are irreplaceable advertizing production. Drawing on a package is applied by means of a fleksomashina, and process is called fleksopechatyyu. Plastic bags with the press executed in this way if to compare them, for example to shelkotrafaretny, have quite acceptable cost and high quality. Noticed that the polyethylene film does not lose the quality, and the drawing applied on a package is not used up even at its long operation? It is possible thanks to special paints and technologies. By the way, it is not difficult to receive a film of different shades, it is necessary just to enter color additives.

The final stage - cutting of packages. For this purpose special cars are required, and for different types of products (there are undershirts, bananas, with loop-shaped handles) - "the" machines are necessary. At the end at a package the press presses through handles, and ready paper bags prepare for packings on 100 pieces. Our plastic bags differ in bright images which are not erased even in the conditions of the strengthened operation and excellently carry out functions of the advertizing carrier. If suddenly the package is torn, it does not mean that it low-quality, just put freight in it bigger, than on what it is calculated.

Besides packages (under drawing an advertisement), the company turns out also such products as a polyethylene film (thermoshrinkable, hothouse, construction). Films are steady against high loadings and differences of temperatures. They can be used for packing food (food wraps) and children's goods (plastic bags), and this fact confirms their absolute safety. The film which we make keeps products from drying, pollution, moisture penetration. These characteristics of any packing goods which you can buy from us are confirmed by certificates of quality and meet sanitary standards.

The film of our production differs:

  • Safety;
  • The favorable price, especially, if there is a speech about purchase wholesale;
  • Excellent external characteristics (transparency, lightweight);
  • Accuracy of the sizes;
  • The drawings applied on a film well keep and do not lose the look.
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Packages from polyethylene
Packages from polyethylene
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